15 January 2021

Preparing to Refit Your Office During Lockdown

2021 is already starting to present challenges for every business owner, limiting many to
working from home whilst others have to implement a lot of measures within their workplace
to make it safe.

Whilst some business owners are left with nothing but time on their hands until their
premises reopen in February or March, others are preparing to provide their business with a
new look. Among the chief areas are replacing older worn-out carpet laid floors with
something that is easier to maintain and gives a positive vibe throughout the office.
Wood Effect in the Office

Hardwood floors throughout the office is not a new thing, in fact, they have offered up a
calming sensibility for decades throughout an office.
However, they do tend to suffer over the years with every spilled drink or scratch from a chair
movement which is expensive to replace, which is why they tend to get left in that state for
long periods. With luxury wood effect vinyl flooring you have a perfectly replicated flooring
solution that has technologies at play to prevent scratches and stains, as well as moisture
resistant properties to protect the underfloor.
Stone Effect

Real stone in an office environment is a powerful look but it does fall to problems of chipping
and scratches over time.

This is an area that can be fully replicated with the lowest price Amtico flooring also, and
provides exactly the same qualities as the wood effect whilst providing a fully authentic look
where people would not know the difference. By installing tiles with the use of an adhesive
you will not fall victim to any loose fittings coming away and ruining the look of your floor,
common mistakes with stone flooring.

By choosing from multiple collections, you can even mix and match between stone, slate
and marble effect to create a sense of style unique to your business.
Quick Installation Before Reopening

Even the cheapest Amtico Spacia flooring in the UK does not require weeks to fit an office
space, nor does it require a professional.

If you feel the need you can have it installed by yourself if up to the task as each section can
be cut to a measured size. Depending on if you choose planks or tiles it is a relatively simple
exercise either way.

By dedicating a bit of time to making your office an easily maintained and stylish place to
return to, the best investment moving your company forward is in vinyl flooring.


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