20 November 2020

Don't Feel Ashamed Of Your Classic Masculinity

Recent controversies on Twitter aimed at Harry Styles and his gender-curious fashion sense have hit the headlines in recent days, and for an interesting reason. It seems as though the discourse surrounding what ‘masculinity’ actually is has become blurred. Some still hold onto it as the bloody-and-roaring ambition of the Vikings and in the hard-won, rugged, natural adventuring of our ancestors - to use a couple of intense examples.

Others say masculinity is something every man defines for himself, and they are nearer to the truth. Harry Styles may wear dresses, for instance, but he is certainly no less of a powerful figure for it, and would likely outdo many of us in the romance department thanks to his charm. That said, you can defend Harry Styles, and new forms or interpretations of masculinity taking form, and also STILL pay respect to how masculinity was and has been classically viewed in the past. In other words, you can see the late Sean Connery and Harry Styles as men worthy of respect. However, it does seem that an overcorrection has taken place, and classic masculinity, of the type you may see in classic issues of GQ, is in disrepute.

If that’s the kind of masculinity that works for you, that’s fine, too. There’s no need to feel ashamed of being wherever you are in the spectrum. In fact, for lack of trending articles popularizing that concept now - let’s consider what ‘classic’ may mean in 2020.

A Flash Of Nobility & Class

A worthwhile flash of nobility and class is worth investing in from time to time. You might find that spending time behind the wheel of an Aston Martin Vantage not only grants you access to a beautiful and highly practical car, but also that your feeling of occupying a James Bond role, and all of the cultural sharpness that emphasizes, can be a great deal of fun. Who said that classic teenage fantasies shouldn’t be answered? If you can focus on something like this, be it a rented, financed, or purchased option or experience, you’ll no doubt enjoy that flash of nobility and class you’re looking for. No matter if you find it through a track day or in a fine dining restaurant, it’s nice to feel how a little refinement can be from time to time.

A Sense Of Rugged Adventure

A sense of rugged adventure is also quite worthwhile. You can find this by traveling, or by exploring an area that you may not be familiar with. Spending time in a European town, solo-traveling, or spelunking with friends can be a great means of finding your adventuring spirit, which may have gone unused for some time. A sense of rugged adventure not only helps you feel more active and engaged but, through osmosis, you will begin to inspire your peers in the same breath.

Taking The Lead & Feeling Strong

You don’t have to feel like you’re ‘taking the lead’ to be masculine, but it can be nice to flex some of your leadership and willingness to define your terms from time to time. This might involve organizing an impromptu night with your partner, completely surprising them. It might mean taking the first step in having that difficult discussion with a friend. It could simply mean deciding not to take your excuses as gospel anymore, and going for that morning run. You’d feel infinitely better, no doubt. So - no matter how your masculinity is defined, don’t be afraid to explore it, even if it does harp back to our classic understanding of this quite powerful mode of living.

With this advice, we hope you can reconnect or re-express your classic masculinity, without shame, should you wish to.



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