2 October 2020

Eye Health Is Important, But So Is Style

In recent years, we all tend to choose glasses based on fashion and not what suits us! If you are wondering if it is correct our answer is no. Clearly fashion also plays an important role and is a huge influence for all of us without this meaning that we must always follow it literally! Men, just like women, do need to style what they wear to some extent. If you know a specific colour looks bad on you, then surely you will want to ensure it never crosses your closet. But when we put aside the fashion, it is also the practicality of a pair of glasses that may help us decide. Whilst we should not feel ashamed or unhappy wearing glasses, it may just be that you want a pair that is so dainty and unnoticeable that you need a little help finding the right ones for you. Let’s see the types of glasses that may suit different types of men depending on their needs and careers. 

For the practical man

For you who are more interested in practicality and less in fashion, this particular glass is what you are looking for! If you belong to the category of men who move a lot during the day and do not want their glasses to slip or have any special weight, a pair of glasses that is sturdy and strong will be the best option. 

For the fashion conscious man

This category differs greatly from the above and we will explain it to you immediately. Most men may be looking for the simplest way to get rid of clutter but on the other hand there is the category of men who are looking for it too much in fashion in order to stand out. These glasses come in different versions whether it has to do with color or design and are definitely not for everyone.

So what style suits you best? Men's eyeglasses come out, like women's, in dozens of designs and styles. The modern man who wears glasses has to choose exactly what suits his personality and highlights the shape of his face in the best way. Fashion trends are constantly updated and offer new challenges to those who know how to dare and look for something more. So, we have gathered for you the 6 most important trends in men's eyeglasses, which you must know if you want to be in fashion. Thankfully, there are thousands of options.

Retro round glasses

Retro is everywhere and of course could not be missing from the glasses. In a round shape reminiscent of the '70s, a classic choice is the thin metal frame in dark gold or for the more modern in rose gold. If you want to impress, choose a bone skeleton in a tortoiseshell.


If you like retro, but you are looking for something more sporty and less sophisticated than round glasses, then we remind you aviators, which are not just for sunglasses and certainly not just for those working in the US military. They fit all face shapes and take us straight to the '70s and' 80s.

Minimal triangular glasses

Another trend that we see in various fields is the minimal, which is ideal for all styles and is worn both with the formal suit and tie as well as with the most everyday outfit. The triangular glasses with a thin metal frame are the hottest currently available in men's eyeglasses and are aimed at men who can support something different.

Without frame

If you constantly wear your glasses and the idea of ​​having many couples to take turns does not cross your mind, then it is better to invest in a simple and discreet couple that will not catch everyone's eye by stealing the show from the rest of the person. Glasses with frames only on the side and frameless lenses are great for men who prefer the sweet and simple style.

Glasses with a special frame

An original choice for fashionistas are the men's eyeglasses with a separate frame in bright colors, thick lines and unexpected designs, such as the square. An intermediate solution is the large round glasses with thick bone or plastic frame in black color.

Transparent frame

We kept the best for last, since the transparent frame combines the advantages of all the above trends. On the one hand, it is something special and innovative that emphasizes your special style and on the other hand, it does not force you to make a very eccentric choice, since it stays on quiet paths and catches the eye, only if you want it, if for example you choose one fancy design.

Why should you look after your eyes?

Above fashion will always come health. For many, we neglect our eyes and for some reading this article, they may not even realise that their eyesight is declining. From computer screens to general wear and tear, our eyes do fail a little. But that’s OK. Glasses are there to help. That’s why it’s important for everyone to always have their eyes tested at least once a year. For some bonus tips, here are some great ways to improve your eyes and keep them working longer.

Some are obvious and we just do not observe them as we should, while others are more unexpected. However, the protection of our eyesight and eyes is essential and we should take care of it in winter and summer. 

Wear sunglasses all year round

Ultraviolet radiation can literally burn your eyes just as it can cause skin burns. Symptoms of overexposure include redness, itching and a foreign body sensation in the eye. Usually these symptoms do not last long, but experts have found that long-term exposure to infrared radiation can cause serious problems such as cataracts and permanent damage to the retina. According to the American Optometric Association, it is recommended to wear sunglasses that block UVA and UVB radiation all year round and have gray lenses for better color recognition. 

Add more carotenoids to your diet

Carrots are really good for the eyes! The reason is that carrots contain the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which are naturally found in the eyes and which can help prevent cataracts and macular degeneration. Dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and kale are also rich in carotenoids. 

Pay attention to hobbies and household chores

What do certain hobbies have in common with certain household chores? Both can be a major threat to your eyes. More than one million Americans have eye accidents each year, 90% of which could have been avoided by wearing goggles. Household chores that are dangerous to your eyesight include the use of chlorine cleaners and the combination of two or more cleaning products. 

Moderate computer use

Many employees spend countless hours looking at a computer screen. In this case beware: you may be at risk for developing computer vision syndrome (CVS). Symptoms include visual fatigue, headaches, blurred vision and dry eyes. CVS usually subsides when you move away from the screen, but be careful: make sure the center of your computer screen is 10-12 cm below eye level and 50-70 cm away from your eyes. your. Adjust the brightness of the screen so that it does not bother you and be informed about your options in the special protective filters. Finally, try to open and close your eyes regularly and rest for 15 minutes every two hours of computer use. 

Drink plenty of water

You know that you have to drink a lot of fluids when it is hot, but the same goes for the winter months, especially when it comes to your eye health. As ophthalmologist Trennda L. Rittenbach, OD, a member of the American Optometric Association, points out, “in winter we forget the importance of hydrating the body. By drinking a lot of water we help, among other things, to maintain moisture in the eyes and consequently reduce any discomfort.”

The best foods to eat 

Although the health of our eyes depends on many factors, most notably our genes, our diet plays an important role in its protection. Thus, vitamins A, C, and E, omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zeaxanthin, beta carotene and zinc should not be missing from our diet if our goal is to protect and enhance our vision. In fact, we can easily include these nutrients in our daily diet by consuming the following foods.

Carrots: Vitamin A plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of vision and in the prevention of ocular disorders, such as the dry eye. The carotenoids found in carrots are converted in the body to vitamin A, preventing the degeneration of eye cells and reducing the chances of cataracts.

Fatty fish: Fish and especially salmon work well for eye health. Salmon and fatty fish have omega-3 fatty acids, which are good fats that contribute to vision development and retinal health and can also help prevent dry eyes. When buying salmon, prefer wild instead of farmed salmon, as it is even more nutritious.


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