28 September 2020

How Games Provide Clarity For Our Minds

Remember those Japanese games like Sudoku found in our early electronics and in those doctors’ office magazines? You had to "match" the pairs of cards with the ideograms, after first looking at them for a few seconds before closing? So many games improve our memories and can have massive cognitive benefits. 

Games are often condemned by various circles, the media, and parents as a distraction for children from important tasks and as a "waste" of valuable time that can be spent on reading.

But in reality, all games of all categories can be therapeutic and help develop a child's skills and more specifically strategy games such as the classic Chess, Mahjong or even strategy video games with fewer elements that lead to problem-solving. In a special tribute that follows we show you how strategy games help to improve a person's memory and develop problem-solving. Good performance in strategy games requires one to have the ability to see (and sometimes hear) to assess the state of the game and to find creative ways to solve problematic situations. Players who are used to being good at it apply the same levels of attention at school, at work, and in personal situations. They also remember more things than average. The truth is, they can be more than just a hobby.

Strategy games require patience and willingness on the part of players to consider and judge ways to achieve the best possible result, something that also applies to everyday life in real situations. A large part of strategy games is the execution of actions and decision-making within a framework with rules and procedures, which is also very useful for the daily life and the future of a person as in a work environment.

Some games to try!

The BrainMetrix.com Memory Test: It may seem simplistic at first, but try to pass the 5th level and we will do it again. What invites you to do the (simple in design, the truth is) Memory Test is to see which boxes change color, and click on them in the same order when it's your turn. Before the test begins, there is an interesting text with various tactics to improve your memory (for example, remember numbers instead of shapes or assign objects to an arrangement you have in mind, such as furniture in your living room). 

The Lightning Librarian: Lydia is a librarian, and she needs your help to quickly find the books that the children who visit the library ask for. In front of it there are fifteen shelves with books of different categories, which stand out with a symbol. The problem, now, is that you can only see the symbols for a few seconds, until the little ones start coming - who, as we know, are the most demanding customers. Each child asks for a different category of book, which you need to remember on which shelf it is. The librarian moves with the arrow keys, and with space, she lowers the book. 

You may want to look at wonga games for more choices. 



11 September 2020

Designer Clothes Without High Prices? Count Yourself In

Is it possible to shop for designer clothes and accessories without busting your bank account? Well, it all depends on where you look. During the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has become more financially conscious; whether you lost your job, entered into a furlough scheme, kept your job from home or somewhere in between, it has been a tough year for everyone. During quarantine, everyone slouched around their houses in their pajamas, with no need for fancy clothes or expensive watches. But now the world is re-opening. Can you keep up?

In the intersection between financial responsibility and buying luxury items lies a compromise. No, you can’t afford for every single item of clothing you buy to be Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren. But you don’t also have to live that Target clothing life either. There’s a middle ground between acting like Kanye West and living like a bargain hunter. So how can we achieve it?

Searching For Deals

Just like anything in life, there are gems to be found if you look hard enough. Designers will have you believe you should only be buying full-price items from the actual store, but this is simply untrue. For example, current Rolex prices from outlet stores and last season’s designs are much less hair-raising than an in-store price. That doesn’t mean the Rolex isn’t real, it just means you aren’t buying the latest edition of the watch. Simple.

The COVID-19 Effect

It isn’t only individuals who are having to tighten their purse strings this year. All around the world, companies are going into liquidation, suffering at the hands of this pandemic just like the rest of us. The companies who are clinging on for dear life are having to make sacrifices too - in the form of delicious deals for all of us. COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on all our lives, but the flip side of this crisis is that prices are beginning to drop. You could bag that pair of trainers you’ve been eyeing up all year after all!

Returning To Work

We all became pretty accustomed to working at home this year, so now that some offices are reopening, it can come as a shock to the system. If you are returning to your old normality, you might be nervous about maintaining a good impression after not having seen your colleagues and bosses in some time. A statement piece such as a new pair of shoes, cufflinks, watch or bag could announce your re-entry into the workplace with a bang.

Similarly, job retention has never been more important than now. Everything you do should be memorable and impressive if you want to keep your hands on the role you currently have at work. Making a statement and taking work seriously means dressing like the man you want to be.


Although appearances aren’t everything, you can have your cake and eat it when it comes to looking sharp. All it takes is careful planning, some sneaky deal-finding, and dedication to looking sharp, even during a pandemic.


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