10 July 2020

Learning During Lockdown With The Wine List - Tipsy Talk

Lockdown had many people trying out new things, the last thing I thought I would be doing is a wine tasting course in the comfort of our own home. The team at The Wine List reached out and asked if would like to try out their service. Spoiler alert – I am glad they reached out and so is my wife!

The Wine List is a subscription wine box whereby you get 2 bottles of wine, 2 interactive cards, and an introduction to a wine booklet. Not only to The Wine List offer a subscription service, but it also acts as a wine course teaching you how to enjoy wine. I have to be honest here; I have never tried a wine that I enjoyed. However, there is a vast variety of grapes and wine types so I was probably always choosing the wrong one. 

The box arrived, I was worried about opening it, and there had just been a mass of glass along with a faint whiff of wine. The subscription box arrived extremely well packaged in 2 perfectly sized bottle packs. We received a Casa Castillo Monastrell 2017 (Red) and a Bico De Ran 2018 (White). We ordered copious amounts of local cheeses to go with wines, Luckily I chose the right cheese otherwise the pairing could have gone wrong!

The first thing I did was read my way through the introduction to wine, as advised previously it isn’t something I have ever had any interest in so I thought I best start here. The introduction takes you through the four parts, Look, Taste, Smell, and Think. Each topic is covered on a page so it isn’t overwhelming or complex for first-timers. It’s extremely descriptive and really helps you understand the wine you are about to devour.

The 2 interactive cards are such a good idea, especially for a wine amateur! On one side of the card, it gives you a full rundown on the wine. This includes food pairing, type of grapes, and region along with a good bit of trivia. This really helps us understand the wine before tasting it, After all, you don’t want to pair it with the wrong dish! On the flip side of the card, you have what I can only describe as a review sheet. It provides you with the scales used to judge the characteristics of the wine along with space to make any notes. There is also a space for a verdict. Although I am not a seasoned wine drinker this does help create a profile of the wine. The cards can also be kept as a reminder of what you have tried and enjoyed. 

I can honestly say I have never enjoyed wine, I can also honestly say I am still more of a craft beer fan. However, this was an extremely enjoyable experience. My wife enjoys a glass of wine and loved the Bico De Ran. 

I would highly recommend Wine List if you enjoy a glass, equally if you would like a home-based wine experience it really makes a great night in. Not only that if you are stuck for a present for a wine lover then it would honestly make an amazing gift. My wife and I will definitely be trying out another box, it was great trying a wine you wouldn’t buy.

Thank you for reading and if you would like a cheeky discount use code FRIENDS and get learning yourself! It doesn't always have to be spreadsheets and numbers.


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