25 November 2019

Family Time With giffgaff

Spending time with your loved ones has got to be one of the most precious things to do but it doesn't happen that often for us. There's always something which gets in the way, most of the time its work, but something always seems to creep up and get in the way. When I say loved ones, I don't just mean family, this also includes friends.

You see me (Carl) and Dan who both run this blog together are best mates and also out partners get on and with also have little ones similar age. We always talk about arranging a little get together to have a laugh and let our hair down but... I'm the last 3 to 4 years this has never happened, even though we live around 20 minutes away from each other. Me and Dan often do stuff blog or gaming-related but as a whole, we just haven't had a chance.

People may think this is crazy but, if they know how busy, our circumstances and a few other factors, then maybe they may understand.

I (Carl) work a stupid amount of hours and whenever there is a chance of overtime I snap it up, Simone works Saturday and Sunday night, so she can earn something to go toward the Bill's after having to give up her own childminding business so she could become Willows carer ,this was the only hours she could do so it doesn't interfere with my working hours and chances of overtime.

Willow had just turned 4 and has never slept out so you can imagine us trying to arrange anything on a night time through the week would be impossible and even inviting friends around to ours on a night is impossible because and a weekend like I said Simone works and gets home just before midnight both days and through the weeks after sometimes a two hour mission to get Willow settled in bed.

I (Dan) don’t necessarily work a stupid amount of hours but I do spend 4 hours a day travelling to and from work. This definitely takes extends the working day! Whenever I have any free time it’s family time. I get home and my routine is to bath Jacob (my son), followed by getting ready for bed. I then have some time playing toys with him, this usually consists of building a new train track. Time is so precious when they are growing up.

After the night time routine with Jacob, it’s time to eat and refuel. By the time this is done and we have eaten it’s almost time to go to bed and get ready for the next day ahead. It leaves very little time within the working week to get together with friends.

To be honest we both wish we could have that family time together, get our families together play games, consume crazy amounts of food and have a great laugh. Realistically at the moment, this is extremely difficult. Despite talking to each other EVERY day we never find the time to meet.

So when we received an email from the amazing people over at giffgaff about the importance of spending time together and that they wanted to send over a party box full of goodies, so we could all get together and spend some quality time together. 

At first, we all became really excited but then came the realisation of how on earth were we going to get both families together and spend some quilty time having a laugh. After a few weeks of trying to arrange time and day well were getting ever closer to to the post-deadline. It just was impossible to arrange, we both just are too busy and had to come up with another plan. 

So a few weeks ago, me (Carl) and my family had a little break planned for the weekend and we headed off to the East Coast, so we thought what a perfect time for us to have a good laugh and take the party box with us and play some games and just spend some quality time together, obviously we put willow to bed first, she would of just wreaked the joint and no games would have been played. 

We were sent a couple of games from a company called Big Potato Games but the one we decided to play was a game called Weird Things Humans Search For and you know what, It was an absolute blast. We all kept taking turns on being the so-called games master whilst the other two go against each other to guess the correct answers to what humans search for. 

Wow, humans do search for some strange and funny things! 

Its was such a good feeling just to sit down together and have a laugh and I've never known all three of us to smile so much, I think the humour of the game brought us a lot closer than we normally are. 

We must have played the game for a good two hours but they could only be one victor! 

Yeah you guessed correct, it was me but I don't think it is because I am the brightest of the bunch, I think it may be because I spend too much time on the internet.

Working with giffgaff on this post has made us both realise one thing - Life is too short not to make time for amazing family outings. Next year we are going to try and change this, with family outings and epic game nights! I mean we both have a geeky side so our wives will have to get used to playing some tabletop games as well.

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