28 February 2019

Styled By Our Partners #Quizman

Lately, we have both been spending a lot of time planning out the blog, streaming and most nights (and let's be honest days as well) we are either chatting via text, collaborating on blog posts or online gaming. We have been kind of neglecting our wives a little and they don't deserve that so for this blog post we are officially putting the controllers down,

To be honest, Our wives don't mind all the blogging and gaming as they know its a hobby of ours and unfortunately, they had no choice but to accept the bromance that came along with it. This year we have been putting a lot more time into all of the above and there is a lot to come this year, hopefully making the blog a popular platform and give online streaming a really good go.

Valentine's day was fast arriving and the team over at Quiz Man got in touch with the perfect collaboration/challenge to get our wives involved on the blog! - My Partner Styled Me. What is the challenge I hear you ask? Basically, our wives hop over to the QUIZ MAN site, do a little bit of shopping and dress us - Yes that includes actually getting us into the clothes as well, it's not like we were at each others house to help each other get dressed!

Challenge Accepted!

We know that our wives know how to make good choices when it comes to clothing and they also know how we dress, so what could go wrong you ask? NOTHING! They know us far too well!

The other thing we were really impressed with is the quality of the garments themselves. We both asked our wives for something which wasn't too formal, even though Quiz clothing do offer some amazing formal wear including some quite fancy Mens Blazers.
  Nowadays, especially when you look at the high street retails brands you see a lot of fast fashion. You will find that a lot of the garments are extremely poor in quality, not colour fast and lose shape. This is not the case with the items we received from QUIZ Man, they are well made, have not lost shape or colour after wash and they are ridiculously comfortable. Something we could not say about some of the brands we have worked with previously.

The Chosen Ones

And now its time to show off the outfits and work it in front of the camera! All photography was done by TEAM ABEV (aka Carl & Dan)

Dan's Outfit

Whenever Lauren and myself go shopping she will always pick clothes out for me and for some reason I never listen. I think a lot of it is due to my confidence so when I am choosing clothes I always buy something I know I would feel comfortable in. This usually consists of oversized jersey tops and hoodies!

However, if there is one thing that I have learnt, it is to definitely start listening to her advice. I will eventually come around to the idea of what she picked out at the time and they really like it, then it's a - If only I had taken her advice at the time!

Lauren knows the style of clothing I go for, albeit sometimes a bit on the random side. So with the advice, she has given me in the past about what to wear along with her knowing me so well I knew she had this challenge in the bag!

I don't like to feel too dressed down so what she chose for me was spot on, to start with two a touch oversized chunky knit jumpers the one in the pictures is the lighter colourway but she also chose the darker grey and black one as well. Both of these are ridiculously comfortable and can be dressed up as well as down.

Lauren then chose me a new jacket, which was perfect timing as my go to has just had to be thrown out (Yes I wore it to death). She chose this short parker which has an amazing fit and the quality is great. I usually find that I overheat and don't need a jacket, however, this is just the right thickness to throw on, on the slightly cooler days. Again this comes in a few colours, however, I love the colour she chose for me.

Lauren has done an amazing job on this challenge, she has chosen what I would have eventually picked up. I felt comfortable and the quality is great. Extremely happy with her choices!!

Carl's Outfit

Simone never chooses my clothes, to be honest, she has bought me stuff in the past and they have been awful. I am quite a picky person when it comes to what I wear. However, she knew to choose something comfortable for me as I always choose comfort over look and price.

I suffer from quite bad claustrophobia so feeling restricted in my clothing brings out bad anxiety for me and makes me feel extremely uncomfortable.

Simone chose really well! The tracksuit she said would be really comfortable to game and lounge around the house in, as well as feeling comfortable outdoors its a very versatile outfit.

The winter jacket is something I have needed for years. I have complained for so many years that I am cold when watching my son Charlie play rugby - Especially in the winter when it is literally freezing. Charlie and his rugby mates said I look like a roadman in the jacket.. whatever that means.

Overall I am really happy with her choices.

I'm really happy with Simone's choices, and the items will definitely be getting worn a lot, I may even treat her to a nice takeaway and a movie night, we don't do nights out anymore due too childcare issues so I can get my lounging outfit on stuff my face and spend time quality time with her... and then probably turn the computer on for an hour or so ;)

I've not always been a massive fan of pinstripe but I think the combo of the hooded jumper and the and pants go well together when broken up with the black and yellow side striped zip top, they all are made from really light material and feel great on.

Like I said above I have never really owned a winter jacket so wearing this grey long lined quilted parker was something out of the norm for me, at first I was quite worried that I would feel restricted in it but I was pleasantly surprised how light it was.

When we took the photos it was baking hot and I didn't feel too bad at all and that was with three layers on.

This has been a really fun challenge for both couples, they could have dressed us in something ridiculous...... we will save that for another blog post!

The question is would you take the challenge and let your partner shop for you? or vice versa would they let you shop for them?


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