3 February 2019

Our First Gaming Memories

We both grew up around gaming and it has always been something we have been interested in throughout our lives. So we thought why not share out first gaming memories with our readers!


I remember my uncles always having a games machine/console when I visited them. One side of the family always had the likes of C64 and ZX Spectrums, whilst the other side albeit a bit later down the line had Sega Master Systems. You would have thought I would have followed in one of these footsteps with my first console. However, my first console was an NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).

I can't remember the year I got it I just remember being ridiculously excited about it! The version I had was the NES Action Set, it came with the multi-game cart Mario Bros./Duck hunt, 2 controllers, and the NES Zapper. I only had a few games to start out with but in those days it was more than enough. I remember my parents getting quite a few games, not just for me but for the family to use. They bought The Legend of Zelda, Rad Gravity, TMNT, and Super Off-Road. Looking back I am glad I never clocked up the number of houses I spent on these games!

I was quite lucky because around the same time my uncle bought an NES for my cousin, they only bought games that we didn't have and vice versa. Every time we visited each other's house we would come away with a different game that we would borrow for a few weeks. This meant I had access to quite a few games.

I sometimes wish I was a bit older so I could have experienced the gaming machines that shaped the gaming world, however, I am proud that my first console was the iconic NES. The memories I have playing this growing up are epic!


My first memories of gaming were a little bit before Dan, well that's only because I'm a little older than him. Like he mentioned above his uncle had a C64 and A Spectrum ZX, well I had them and I thought I was the king of my street, I was the only one who had a computer and I also had a chipped Cable box, so you can imagine how popular my household was. 

After the C64 I upgraded to an Amiga and also the Sega Master System. On the Amiga, I used to love games like Lemmings, Bubble Bobble but my favorite game had to be SWOS... I once scored a header from the halfway line with Ryan Giggs. and on the Master System, the list of games is endless, I played all of the Alex the Kid series and loved all of them, games like Streets Of Rage, Golden Dragon, like I say the list is far too long for me to write about but one of my best memories is one day messing around pressing the buttons on the control pad playing Mortal Combat and suddenly enabling blood mode... it to the game to another level when FINISH HIM! sounded and you pulled the finishing move out of the bag and the screen became covered in blood!

Then I moved on to the Mega Drive and Entered the world of Sonic, Wonder Boy, and all of the other popular games. Then when I started work, when I was around 16 I bought my very first PC from Tiny Computers and started playing games like Settlers, and Civ and of course, this is when I started playing Champ Manager and that was my life ruined for the next few years. 

Then my gaming life stopped for a good few years because I found beer and nightclubs. the next gaming system I got was the Xbox 360 and then the Xbox One and the only games I ever played were Fifa And COD... until we had our second child and I decided I needed a hobby... This brings me to know... and about £2.500 later with a beast gaming PC playing PUBG!

What was your first gaming memory/console? Comment below to let us know!


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