1 February 2019

Battle Of The Giants

If there’s one thing we love it’s a new game but spoilt for choice as we are, where we play and what we play on is fast becoming the question of tech lovers everywhere. If you play on your PC, you might have been savvy enough to get your geforce rtx 2070, if not you need to know the answer to the age-old debate: who will win the fight between the versatile Xbox One and the mighty PlayStation 4 (PS4).
We could, of course, say that it all boils down to personal preference but that’s a bit of a cop-out, so instead let’s take a look at the cold, hard facts.

In the red corner…the PS4
For a start, it just looks superb. It’s sleek and stylish and has that design that marks it out as a Sony product from the off. But we all know looks aren’t everything right, so what else can this gaming giant offer?
The main draw of the PS4 is that it was simply made to showcase games in the best possible way. Its speed and capabilities are breathtaking. The controller alone offers the player instant and responsive play, coupled with the capability to plug in a headset into the controller itself for online interaction. It’s simply a smart option.
When it comes to the actual games, the PS4 has nailed the range of exclusive titles such as Marvel’s Spider-Man and God of War.
If there are any downsides to the PS4 it’s that it doesn’t have the ability to play games from the PS3 or older versions, which is seriously annoying if you’ve built up quite a collection.
And in the blue corner…the Xbox One
This powerful gaming console knows from the off that it can’t match the PS4 for exclusivity when it comes to games, so instead it relies on the old favourites such as Halo, to keep its fan base loyal.
It also has the advantage of allowing its collection of games to be back compatible so, unlike the PS4, you’ll be able to play older games on newer models.
One big draw is the number of Apps you can download to make your Xbox One so much more than just a game console. You can stream music and video through Netflix and Spotify and have access to news and entertainment as well. As a versatile piece of technology and not just a console, it certainly has the edge.
So, who wins? In terms of sheer gameplay, it has to be the PS4 but for a family console that comes with so much more, the Xbox One comes a very close second.
But watch this space because as early as next year, we’re likely to see the new and improved PS5 battling it out with the newest Xbox, codenamed Scarlett and who knows what new improvements these two giants will bring in to pit against each other. It’s an exciting time to be a gamer, that’s for sure.


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