25 January 2019

3 Xbox Games You Can Play For Hours Every Day

We’re lucky to live in an era where there are so many brilliant games released all the time. Right now, there are a plethora of Xbox games that can keep you entertained for hours on end every single day. They have a playability factor that can’t be beaten, and you need to add them to your collection.

Here are my top picks if you’re keen to find a new game to smash out:

Assassins Creed Odyssey

I got this game for Christmas, and I’ve already racked up a worrying 30 hours worth of playing time. The unbelievable thing is, I don’t think I’m even halfway through the main story. With this game, you can basically explore the entirety of Ancient Greece. I’m level 33 and have still got half the map to discover. It’s one of those games where you start doing a mission, then get sidetracked by about five hundred other things and spend hours just doing mini side quests. The combat is brilliantly balanced, the graphics are stunning, and there is so much to do. Honestly, if you want a game that keeps you coming back for more, then this is well worth picking up.


If you’re a football fan, then this is the only game for you. Yes, there’s also PES, but it can’t compete with FIFA 19 in the sheer variety of game modes and features. There’s Ultimate Team, where you can put together a team full of superstars by purchasing their cards with coins. You earn these by playing games, or you can give yourself a leg up and buy FIFA 19 coins to purchase your favourite players. Then, you have Career Mode where you play offline and choose any team to manage. It’s such a great challenge trying to take lower-ranked teams all the way to the top level of domestic football. With so many different ways to play the game, it’s something that will satisfy you for hours on end.

Red Dead Redemption 2

I can’t put together a list of games you can play for hours on end without mentioned Red Dead. It’s the sequel to one of the best Xbox 360 games of all time, and it pretty much stretches the capabilities of the current Xbox system. The gaming world is vast and open, taking you on a journey across America in varying climates. You can rob trains, complete hunting missions, or just go a little bit crazy and destroy everything in your path. There’s an online part of the game as well, which means you can get together with friends to create absolute mayhem. Red Dead Redemption 2 offers a very immersive experience that keeps you hooked whenever you fire it up. Plus, as with all games developed by Rockstar, it has one of the best storylines you’re likely to see.

Some games are great if you want to play for half an hour when you’re in a rush. But, these games are absolutely ideal if you’re keen to have a massive gaming sesh. They’re what I like to call ‘weekend games’ in that you can and will spend all weekend playing them.


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