17 December 2018

Driving Your Dream Forward: Giving Your Car Restoration Business Plenty Of Mileage

Classic cars and vintage vehicles are continuing to grow in popularity with both collectors and those who want a characterful way to drive, once you have the passion for them, there’s no turning back. Therefore, the restoration of classic cars can be a lucrative business and provide you with a steady flow of income. If you have the passion and knowledge to bring an old vehicle back to life; starting a specialist garage could be a great business option, and get you out of an office job you hate. The following are some things to consider if you’re venturing into the vehicle restoration market and want to expand your portfolio of projects.

Know Your Crowd

However enthusiastic you might be about giving a car a new lease of life; not every car connoisseur will have your background and taste in vehicles. Therefore it’s vital that you get to know the market and who will be investing their money into your business. Visit classic car shows and gauge the age group and background of those who prefer to take their pride and joy to a garage, rather than fix it up themselves at home. Once you know who you’re aiming your business towards; you can begin to target the relevant magazines, websites, and car events.

Check out companies like One Sure Insurance before you’ve even set-up; you’ll want to cover all basis regarding your trader's insurance so that neither you or your future customers face any costly issues. Ensure that your target audience is aware that you’re there and let them know what service you can provide them with. It might take a little time to establish a strong presence in the market, but once you do, you’ll have a steady flow of customers through your workshop doors.  

Design is In The Detail

After you’ve tempted the trade into your restoration space; you’ll need to have the knowledge and the emphasis on details to impress them and ensure they’ll return. Whether it’s the era of the wooden gear stick or the chrome plated finish of the automotive components; car lovers know exactly how things should look and function, so you need to as well.

Offer more than just the mechanic side of things; knowing the history and specialising in a particular period of classic cars will help to ensure that you’re the go-to company when it comes to their restoration. Hire in and outsource reputable experts to ensure that paintwork, upholstery, and radios are fitted and functioning successfully; your consumer base will begin to share your expertise, and you’ll increase the cars being driven towards your business.

A Perfect Location

Try to set up your garage, warehouse, or workshop in an area that most will be able to find and access. Although you’re dealing with cars; they might be at a stage where they’re not road-worthy and have to be delivered by tow truck or lorry. Ensure that you have ample space to carry out your work and storage space that will allow you to work on multiple projects at once. If you make an effort to gather together your customers, impress them with your skills and knowledge, and have the right environment for your business to expand; you’ll be en route to a winning restoration company.


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