20 December 2018

A Lazy Guy's Guide To Staying Fit And Motivated

Aah, fitness. Is there anything more difficult than staying motivated, especially when you just don’t like the gym? Whilst you can feel better after you actually motivate yourself to go, it can be a slog to get there, and there are so many things that you’d rather be doing (like sitting watching Netflix and, you know, getting fat). However, this isn’t the goal here, so we’ve put together a guide to help you to stay fit and motivated, without the boring stuff that usually comes with it.

Do a charity challenge
One way to be pretty sure that you’re going to stick to your fitness regime is to take on a charity challenge. What better way to motivate yourself than to know that you have a goal in mind (and a set time to get some training in) and that you’ll be raising a lot of money for charity, too? Not only this, but you’ll get to see the world whilst you’re doing it. From a bike ride across Kerala to a trek across the Great Wall of China, what are you waiting for? Get yourself motivated, get fit, and embark on an epic challenge whilst raising money for charity. It will help you to shed the pounds, we promise.

Find a sport that you love
Ok, running on a treadmill isn’t the most exciting thing out there, we’ll give you that. But getting fit is not limited to doing the same boring stuff over and over again at the gym, whilst the only thing that motivates you is the thought of a trip to the vending machine when this hell is all over. There are many sports out there, from boxing and other martial arts, to rugby and football, that can help you to become fit whilst you have a great time, and you’ll make loads of new mates too. When it’s just too cold outside to consider the gym, you’ll be thankful that you’ve found a sport that you really look forward to, come rain or shine.

Run a marathon
Whilst this also doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing ever, running a marathon is certainly a lifetime achievement. This is another way to raise a lot of money for charity, motivate yourself to get fit and feel like you’ve really done something important. If you sign up and start training, you kind of have to do it, you know? Especially if everybody finds out that you’ve put yourself forward. It’s a great way to get healthy, as it could be quite embarrassing if you find yourself stopping for breath after the first 5 minutes. We’re not saying that you should bribe yourself, but, ok, we kind of are…

So, there are many ways that you can stay fit and motivated, especially if you’re a guy who would prefer to sit on the sofa eating Dominos and watching reruns of The Office. Try out a charity challenge, find a sport that you enjoy doing, and push yourself to run a marathon. Good luck with getting fit, and putting the cookies down. We’re watching you…


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