4 December 2018

3 Changes You Will Notice When Developing Yourself

Self-help and personal development is nothing new. It’s been practised for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It some ways, it is the story of human history. The desire to be better and learn better ways to cope with the challenging world around us is something we often feel in our bones, but sometimes that can be corrupted. Our lives can be quite easy to live through these days. We wake up in a comfortable, secure apartment. We drive to our jobs in an air-conditioned vehicle. We sit in an office working for a prearranged set of hours. We come back and make use of our time how we want. While that hardly describes the default lifestyle of most people, and of course life is much more nuanced than that, sometimes the convenience put upon us can make us forget the primal need to explore, to build and to better ourselves.

It could be that taking up a new hobby like working out or martial arts, or simply taking the time to develop your goals is the calling you have for 2019. If so, it’s important and inspirational to consider the personality changes that will occur within you:


You’ll often start to see the possibility in your life when you begin to work on yourself. This is because you’ll be getting more competent at life for sure, but also because you’ll have looked to the future and planned for a positive result. This means that effect will bleed into other aspects of your life. You might notice yourself organizing your schedule more appropriately, eating functional foods to stay at your healthiest, squeezing in gym sessions when you can, and even taking the risk to talk to that person at the bar you find charming. The possibility is what life is made of, and often we can close ourselves off to it. We ask you - what if you didn’t close yourself off?

Challenges, Not Obstacles

When you begin to develop yourself, you see issues that arise as challenges, not obstacles. You realize that everything has an Achilles heel and that you can manage to find it if you’re diligent enough. It might be that you begin to know your worth to learn that you’re being treated badly by a social contact, or even at your job. Before you might have shied away from a resolution. Now you could focus on the issue directly and discuss the problem with the relevant person in question. Ensuring challenges are met and obstacles are put in their considerably smaller space only keeps this momentum going.

Social Connection

When you develop yourself, you notice that your social life blossoms. You are no longer someone who looks down on life, but who grabs it by the horns. This is magnetic. No one wants pessimistic and down people in their life. They want people who they can feel connected to, who they feel hopeful with. In turn, you will attract those types of people, and the positivity spiral can only go upwards from there.

With these inspirational tips, it might be that developing yourself becomes more attractive than ever.


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