19 December 2018

10 Last Minute Gaming/Tech Gifts Under £100

Christmas this year has come out of nowhere, we feel like we have only just finished celebrating the new year!  Well maybe not that bad but this year has gone ridiculously fast. 

Maybe not everyone is as organised as us, we clearly had everything sorted for Christmas last month……….. If you are one of them then check out our gift guide below and get the last-minute gifts for loved ones, friends… in fact anyone in your life.

In no particular order let’s get going, starting at number one is an item that should be on every gaming gift guide!

#1 NES/SNES Mini

I know what you are thinking, that are 2 different items but we don’t care. They are both amazing gifts and deserve a spot on the list. Full of classics that run smoothly (unlike more recent mini consoles). It is fun for all the family to relive them retro moments! Check out the crazy selection of mini consoles here

#2 Shadow Subscriptions

You cannot go wrong with a subscription like this for a gamer, give them the gift of EPIC gaming from pretty much any device! The Shadow service allows you to remotely access a high-end machine for a monthly fee. You can check out our review on Shadow here and make sure you visit the Shadow site for their latest offer!

#3 ADX Firepower M03 Mouse

This mouse is fairly low end, however, it delivers! It has great sensitivity and the functions needed for a great gaming experience. It obviously doesn’t have as much functionality as the high-end gaming mice from the larger brands, but if you are on a budget then this is definitely worth a shot.

#4 Gaming Bucket List Poster

Need some interactive wall art then check this out, it’s a list of 100 must play games. Agreed the list of games might not be for everyone but is a great present for anyone. Just get your hands on the game and scratch it off when completed. It makes a great to do list!

#5 Nintendo SNES Retro Print

Does the person you are buying to have wall space or a newly decorated games room or office? Then these are a great addition. They have the cover art for various games all with the Japanese release cover. They look stunning!

#6 ZBOX Subscription

There are so many subscription boxes out there and we don’t see this one anywhere as near as much as the others. When in fact it’s a great box for the price and who doesn’t love a monthly treat or geeky goodies! Check it out here

#7 Xbox Game Pass

If you can’t find the one game to buy some point why not buy them a library! The game pass gives you access to some great games online via your Xbox. The best thing about this is that there isn’t just budget title in there either. There is some great titles to choose from and something for everyone! Head over to the GAME to get your hands one on!

#8 Retro Gaming Sweatshirt

The gift of a retro gaming sweatshirt is a guaranteed winner retro microwave chicken dinner. Available in various designs these are available on many sites across the internet hence not linking any site particularly. Just search for the game you want and you are bound to come across something epic! Get searching now - Just make sure you buy the right size and don't buy too big... some people take offense!

#9 PlayStation Playing Cards

Christmas isn't just about gaming, it's about spending a bit of time with your family as well. So put down the controller, stop the steam, and have an epic game of SNAP with these PS1 Cards from Zavvi

#10 Dashboard Camera

With the number of drivers on the road these days that cannot drive, it's a great idea to get a dashcam. Yes, they just capture your drive, but the blame for someone else's error could be pinned on you if you didn't have one of these. They provide you with more protection than you think, especially if you are on the road a lot! Check it out here This is the Nextbase 312GW and I have been using it for around 2 weeks now and I'm loving it.

It provides you with a full 1080p high definition recording and a 140 wide angle6 element glass lens, It also features a magnetic Click & Go mount for easy installation, so you're not messing around taking it off after the journey.

The picture quality is amazing and I might be sharing a few videos from my travels at work on my youtube channel and possibly a full review once I've been using it in all its modes

To be honest, I do not think I've used it to its full potential yet and I have only just connected it up to my Android smartphone, If you're looking for a dashcam then I would strongly suggest checking out what NextBase have to offer.

And that’s the full round-up! Some really epic gifts that the gamer/techy in your life would appreciate all at less than £100! Do you have any other recommendations? If so drop a comment on this post with the URL and share it with the community.

This will be our last blog post of 2018, expect big things next year from the team at ABEV. 

Merry Xmas and have an epic New Year!


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