29 November 2018

Why Start A Hobby Up In Martial Arts?

Looking for a new hobby? Why not try a martial art, there are lots of types to choose from, all of which offer different kinds of training and techniques. However, there are things that they all have in common, and if you’re thinking of starting a martial art- here are some of the benefits.

It’s great for fitness

As with any kind of sport, all kinds of martial arts are great for physical fitness. As well as providing an intense cardio workout, the individual moves help to build and sculpt the muscles. It can improve balance, flexibility and overall endurance. It can help you become more nimble and lighter on your feet, and generally improve your overall physical health. If you’re looking for a hobby that helps to keep you in shape, martial arts training is definitely one to consider. We’re in the midst of an obesity epidemic, a huge proportion of us as a society are carrying too much weight, and a lack of exercise is one contributing factor. Martial arts is a fun way to get you up on your feet, burning calories and using your body- great for losing excess weight or maintaining a healthy BMI. And best of all, it’s a full body workout.

It has numerous mental health benefits

Martial arts is known for both its physical and mental health benefits. It’s linked with reduced stress and better decision making, along with more focus and better mental clarity. Life can be fast paced and chaotic at times, we all experience stress in one form or another. An outlet to get rid of restless energy as well as learning techniques to deal with it better is always going to be a good thing.

You’ll meet like minded people

One of the great things about hobbies is that they bring like minded people together. We all know how difficult it is to meet people as an adult, as we’re generally around the same groups of friends or work colleagues most of the time. By taking up a martial art as a hobby, you’re meeting people that you already have at least one common interest with. It’s a fantastic way to mix with others and get to know new people.

You can improve your self discipline

Making the right decisions in life is important. Sometimes we have to do things even if we don’t want to, and avoid things we do want. This helps to keep us safe, healthy and happy in the long run. Being able to resist temptation and having the ability to get things done, even when you don’t want to is always going to benefit you in life.

You’ll boost your confidence

Confidence enables you to get out there and tackle whatever life throws at you, without being held back by insecurity. A sport like martial arts helps to give you confidence in your abilities, along with improved fitness and wellbeing it can all add up. If you’re lacking confidence, take that first step and book a class. It can be daunting, but when you’ve been a few times and know the ropes you’ll quickly get into it, and it could end up being the best thing you’ve ever done.


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