3 September 2018

Prepping Yourself for a Big Night Out

We tend to get into a bit of a routine through our day to day lives. We have a routine for getting ready for work or to heading down the shops to do the grocery shopping, and these generally involve dedicating as little time to preening ourselves, because this means we can spend a little extra time in bed, or doing whatever else we fancy doing.  But every now and then a big night will come up and we’ll want to look the part. Not only can you guarantee there will be people out who you want to look good in front of, but photos from the event or night out are bound to end up splashed over social media too. So, here’s everything you need to do to prep yourself and leave the house looking fresh.

Book in for a Haircut

We all look and feel better after a haircut. We never look better than when we’ve just left the barber’s chair. So, book in for a cut or neaten up the day before the event. This means you’ll be looking on point without having to worry that little bits of cut hair are going to still be stuck on your neck or falling onto your clothes.

Know What You’re Going to Wear

Know what you’re going to wear before the day you’re heading out. If you want to look particularly sharp, consider buying a new outfit. Browse a range of high-quality shirts in the John Henric UK collection and considered extra touches, like cufflinks.

Make Sure Your Outfit is Ready to Wear

We’ve all been there at some point - we’re ready to head out and all we need to do before heading out of the door is to throw our clothes on, only to find that the outfit we had in mind is dirty and unwearable. This is why it’s so important that we have an outfit ready to wear. Have everything you need clean, ironed, and hung up, ready to wear from the hanger. If you’ve purchased new clothes for the occasion, try them on well in advance, so that you can be sure that they fit. If they don’t, you’ll have given yourself plenty of time to return and exchange them.

Neaten Up Your Facial Hair

If you’re a clean-shaven kind of guy, make sure to have a shave before heading out. If you have a longer beard, you can still benefit from neatening things up with a beard trimmer and specialist products like beard oils or balms.

Have a Spray of Aftershave

Remember to spritz yourself with aftershave before heading out of the door. This is a great final touch. But don’t overdo it. You want your scent to be subtle, not overpowering.

These are just a few steps that you can take to make sure that you’re rearing and ready to go ahead of a big night out. They’re simple to incorporate into your routine, but they will make sure that you look suave and sharp!

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