21 September 2018

Going Through A Change

Ablokeseyeview started in January 2014, however, the time has come to make a change. So we are doing something new. We will be producing the same great content but moving into a different area!

A month or so back, I announced that my best mate Dan would be joining me at Ablokeseyeview. Which has worked out really well. Aside from the blogging we also gamed quite a bit together, as its a passion of ours we decided why not re-brand the blog and head into the world of gaming and tech. Its not new to us both, we have grown up and been interested in gaming and tech forever! We are just looking forward to the epic content we will be bringing to the blog and all of our social pages.

What Now?

We are currently finishing off all of our lifestyle work and the brands we are working with. We will then be focusing on all things gaming and tech. There will be gaming/tech posts from past to present! We will be live streaming on our Twitch and Youtube accounts and hopefully creating some awesome video content you will enjoy. We will also be having a slight rebrand which we are excited about, again this will be over the next month so keep an eye out for that.

Over the next year, we want to be hitting some of the gaming and tech events in the UK and hopefully seeing some of our gamer following at them! The gaming community is growing, it is full of amazing people and we are glad to be a part of it! We have also both recently bought some new kits which we will be featuring on the blog very soon.


So please make sure you are following/subscribed to all of our channels, follow the below links hit subscribe, follow, etc.. to keep up to date!

We hope you enjoy our new content and please let us know what you want to see, whether it's live streams of certain games, coverage of certain events, etc.... Let us know in the comment section below and we will see what we can do :)



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