14 September 2018

21 Day Herbalife Nutrition Challenge Completed

So back in July, we both took part in the Nile Wilson Herbalife Nutrition Challenge, full details can be found in our previous introductory post here.

In brief, the 21-day challenge was made up of  (Believe it or not) 21 daily videos which help improve you physically and mentally. The one thing we loved about these videos is that anyone and any fitness level could take part. They were really easy to follow and the workouts were great. Nile has a great personality and you can that he is passionate about his sport.

So the one thing you will all be wanting to know is how did we get on, did we see any results, and did we take it all the way to the 21st day. Read below for each of our stories in relation to the Herbalife Nutrition 21 Day Challenge.

Carl's Progress

The challenge wasn't about weight loss for me, it was about regaining the strength that my body was lacking since I stopped playing sports. I am quite comfortable with my weight and that fact that I still use the Herbalife products every day, helps me maintain where I want to be at.

My body felt tired, I felt tired, I had no motivation at all, so starting the challenge was going to be a massive push for me but I was 100% committed and started it off really well.

After the 1st few sessions, I realised how unfit I was and what poor condition my body was in. I really struggled but pushed through the exercises and worked my hardest.

The routines were really good and I was using muscles in my body, I didn't know I had... the morning after the exercises were really funny, I had to roll out if bed a few times. I loved mixing the Herbalife products with the challenge, using the pre-workout before starting, and the protein shakes after worked really well be definitely helped with recovery.

I managed to complete the course, there were a few days where I had to do 2 sessions a night because I didn't have time to do it the day before but I managed. I totally understand why Nile's body is in such a good state and he can compete at the level he does because these workouts really put you through your paces.

So on a personal note, I was really happy with my progress and I hope I can continue to get my strength back to where I want it to be.

Dan's Progress

I personally found it quite challenging, however, in that, I saw an opportunity to better myself both in body and mind. Whilst doing the challenge I lost 11lb in weight, I lost this much due to the drastic change in my lifestyle not because I was losing weight in an unhealthy way. I was constantly overindulging and not exercising. Not only did I lose the weight but I also gained a bit of confidence back which was great.

I am not a hardcore gym go-er nor am I a nutritionist, however, the products that Herbalife Nutrition sent over to use alongside this challenge were great. I have heard a lot of negative things about Herbalife Nutrition in the past and if the products were poor I would say so. Each and every product has really helped me get to where I am today. Even my mindset in relation to food has changed, I don't overindulge and even now I am still using the Herbalife Nutrition products that I have leftover.

Overall it gets a huge thumbs up from me and a massive thank you to the Herbalife Nutrition team!

The 21-day challenge is still live on the Herbalife Nutrition blog here. So if like us you just needed that little bit of routine and some challenging workouts that can be done at home then go ahead and check it out.

Let us know if you took part in the challenge and what results you noticed in the comments section below thanks for reading!


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