31 August 2018

Rugby Is More Than A Sport

For me, Rugby is more than just a game. Some of you may play the game, or you're an ex-player, you may be just a fan and enjoy going to the games and enjoying the rugby hospitality packages the teams and grounds have to offer and of course, the amazing environments at the games. A lot of you may not even like the sport.

 Well, I'm a mixture of loving, playing, and watching.
 Some of you may know that I'm a massive rugby fan and it plays a massive part in my family life too, me and my son almost do something rugby related about three-quarters of the week, if it's not me talking him to training or to his games, it's me either playing touch and pass with my teammates or watching live games when they are on TV.

When I was a kid Rugby was my no1 sport until I became a teenager and realised my body didn't grow like others then I took up football until I reached the age of 29 and I thought to my self If I don't get back into rugby now, it will never happen... So I did but I got a few bad injuries over the years, so I didn't get to play as much as would have liked to.

But for me, it wasn't all that bad because I kept myself involved with the rugby club by going to watch the games and sometimes even helped out being the water boy for the team.
Obviously, I would have preferred to have been playing but just being around a group of mates and having a laugh was ok for me.

For me that's what rugby is about, you could also call it a family, I am still in contact with some of the guys I played with at the junior level.

The saying " your rugby mates, will be a mate for life" gets said quite a lot around the rugby club, now and even back when I was a kid, now, it's also something I say to my 12-year-old boy who at the moment plays alk year-round playing both codes of rugby and has a huge group of mates, not only from the teams he plays for but for teams all around the local district.

I know training is supposed to be the time when he should be getting his rugby head-on and training hard but it's also a time he gets to hang out with his mates, I remember having so much fun at training sessions but also knowing when to tone it down and focusing on the session to better myself.

He's getting to the age now where the rugby he is playing is getting more and more competitive and turning that fun at training into hard work which will not only help them pulling together as a team but also help them form a bond which hopefully will last a lifetime.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what his future is when it comes to rugby, it's not long until he has to choose either league or union... but one thing I know is that he will have the support of his coaches, friends, and his parents.



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