9 July 2018

We Shaved! A Cut Throat Shaver Review

Most of you will know we both have a beard, but that doesn't mean we never shave. Unless you have perfectly shaped facial hair or your necklines are totally covered then at some point you will need to neaten it. This means decent razor and shaving supplies are needed, even for a bearded man. Although I wouldn't advise just buying a shaving kit for someone with a beard, they could take this the wrong way! However, a Shaver Review goes a long way to ensure you get the right bit of kit!

So why line up? Some people complain that growing beards can look messy, this is where lining up comes into play. If you keep on top of your beard line, keeping to the natural shape of it but straightening or giving it a slight curve, depending on how it grows ensures you look well kept. It literally takes a few minutes in the morning and you soon get the hang of it.

To help us with ours the team over at The Bluebeards Revenge sent over the Cut Throat Razor Kit, it contains shaving cream, post-shave balm, their Doubloon shaving brush, and their Cut-Throat replaceable blade razor. To start off I want to talk about the razor, usually, when you buy cheap razors you get cheap blades that damage your skin and are not sharp enough to shave with. We found that this razor gives you a comfortable and close shave.

 The razor is also an absolute steal at less than £10! The brush is well made and synthetic/ cruelty-free, so for anyone who struggles to buy for the vegan in your life, it's definitely worth checking out. It gives you a good lather and feels a lot better to use than the competitors in the same price range.

Next up is the shaving cream and the post-shave balm. The shave cream lathers really well, again we have tested a similarly priced cream before and it turns to a paste on your skin causing a drag on the blade and in turn irritation. Last but not least the one thing most people skip, is a post-shave balm.

Please remember to use this, most people think it's a waste of time but it can really help soothe your skin and keep redness to a minimum, plus it smells great!

Line up and keep that beard tidy


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