6 July 2018

Sun Style And Standing Out

Yeah so it's really, really hot at the moment!

How are we all coping?

I must admit it, I am one of the many people who is complaining that it's way too hot at the moment, and yeah I am the same guy who complains about the cold weather also but I say this with good reasons. You see, most of my days are either spent working outside or driving from job to job in an un-air-conditioned van.

It's 2018, how do we still have new vehicles with no air con?

So as you can imagine I get to see a mixture of weather conditions and sometimes it's for the better but most of the time it's horrible, I think I actually prefer the colder weather to the weather we are having at the moment, I know what you are thinking.. are you crazy?

Well, I have a good explanation for this!

I work a manual job and for health and safety reasons I am not allowed to wear shorts and the pants I have to wear are the big heavy-duty, hard-wearing, thick and last of all Black pants and may I add, not very fashionable.

So yeah, not well suited for the heatwave we are having at the moment. I spend hours baking in the sun with no shade, then when I go to my van to try to get some shade it's like an oven too. Some days I come home looking like a drowned rat, trust me it's not a good look, especially for a mega fashion blogger like myself ;)

My t-shirt tan lines are looking awesome at the moment.

But not all is bad I must say, This year I have done something I have never done, which I know I should have been doing for a long time and that is wearing sunglasses whilst I have been driving, I have spent years and years driving around the UK, squinting like a total idiot, don't ask me why but I have and I have the lines under my eyes to show for it.

Doing this has been one of the best decisions I've made for years, I'm no longer getting home feeling really tired from forcing to keep my eyes open in the sun all day and also the skin under my eyes. well, eye bags are not looking as dark anymore.

Wearing sunglasses isn't just about you being able to see when it's bright or just a fashion accessory, they also protect your eyes, this is why it's vital you buy from a reputable place. You will always hear about UVB and UVA protection, there is a high chance if you buy cheap glasses they won't give you the protection you need and could potentially be harmful to your eyes. Not only that but it has been said that wearing sunglasses can also help prevent/slow down the deterioration of your eyes. So buy quality and make sure it's got the protection you need.

Let's talk about the glasses I have been wearing, well I was lucky enough to have been sent this amazing pair for RayBans from the amazing people over at EyewearThese. They have the 50s/60s-inspired design, a modern version of a vintage classic, and recreate one of the famous looks Ray-Ban is known for. If you are looking for a classic pair of Ray-Bans but don't want to go for the wayfarers, Clubmasters are the next best choice!

They are a family-run business with over 65 years of experience, Eyewearthese.com is the online trading name of Vision Opticians, a leading optical chain located in the beautiful island country of Malta. Strategically placed, Malta’s eyewear is heavily influenced by Italy, its neighboring country and home to high-end designer eyewear and the very latest in eye care technology.

I will be honest and say I have never heard of them until they reached out to me but after doing a little research on them and checking out their products, I will be 100% be using them again when I am looking for my next pair, I have been wearing my Ray-Bans almost every day for last month, they are extremely comfortable and have a really nice fit

They have a huge selection on their website featuring all the well-known household names and they are definitely worth checking out


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