9 July 2018

In Need Of Some Male Grooming

Has anyone ever looked in the mirror and thought, what the hell is that looking back at me?

Well, this was me about 3 weeks ago, all I could think to myself was, Jesus I've let myself go! My skin looked awful, my hair and facial hair was a right mess and the bags under my eyes were shocking, I honestly so embarrassed that I had let it go so far. Male grooming and looking after myself has been quite a passion for me since I had starting blogging and I loved trying out different products and seeing the effects it had on my skin, hair and beard but sadly as of late I have really struggled for time and that means my grooming routine was me doing the bare minimum, so I was only using a face wash and I wasn't really taking care of my beard and I wasn't using any products at all on my hair... it was getting quite wild too so I wore a hat a lot of the time.

I thought it was about time to sort myself out, get back on a daily routine and get my skin looking and feeling great as well get taming the facial hair! The team over at Murdock London kindly sent me some products to get back on it! They sent Beard Moisturiser, Charcoal Soap and Black Tea Cologne and the packaging is stunning, clean and very stylish.

The packaging is always so nice, I remember mentioning that in an older post when I featured some of their products before.

Let's talk about the Beard Moisturiser, as well as it moisturises the beard it also helps control it a little. Its a non-greasy formula so it absorbs into the beard really well. Let's face it we hate a greasy looking beard! Once soaked in it leaves the beard smelling great, looking good and feeling healthy. 

This can also help with the early stages of growing a beard, if you are going through the itchy phase then this is great to work into the beard and onto the skin underneath, It soothes the skin slightly reducing itchiness.

Charcoal products are everywhere at the minute and why not? It really helps detoxify the skin and that is why we love this Charcoal Body Soap. It naturally removes excess oil and can draw impurities from the skin. There are quite a few benefits to using a soap like this which contains charcoal, it can even help reduce the size of pores making your skin look amazing. The soap lathers really well and smells great. A bar like this can last a few months unlike bottled gels, so it helps cut down on waste as well. Not only that, this soap is also handmade in the UK.

After a clean and moisturise you want to smell great don't you? As daft as it sounds for a lot of people cologne is bottled confidence. If you smell great then you feel great, in turn giving you more confidence. Murdock London had our backs with this Black Tea Cologne. Inspired by Britain's spice and tea routes it is a masculine blend of spices, very woody and a little goes a long way.

So if you are feeling rubbish and your skin needs an overhaul head over to Murdock London treat yourself, trust us you will feel better for it!


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