17 July 2018

Latest New Balance 247 Drop

Here at Ablokeseyeview, we love it when brands bring out a new collection of clothing and we get really excited when it's trainers that we absolutely adore! We like comfort and we like the style, New Balance has smashed it when it comes to the new 247 range. 

They were released on the 30th June 208 and come in an amazing range of colours and its quite easily said that they all look great. There is a colour style for just about anyone, they range from a plain white trainer to a black bursting with pops of yellow and pink.

Black With Solar Yellow

Black With Faded Violet

Magnet With Solar Yellow

White Munsell With Outer Banks

Moonbeam With Dragonfly

The upper includes a single
piece toebox, moulded TPU eyerow and collar and a sprung sock construction. The
style offers a new midsole with exaggerated proportions and flared rear/midfoot area.
Taking inspiration from the classic New Balance Rollbar technology, the new 247
features a medial TPU stability post. The outsole is a new mix of current performance
aesthetic, along with the original 247 DNA

We have both been New Balance fans for quite some time. You are guaranteed a comfortable footwear so shopping for them is always easy, its just a case of picking out the style you like. We think its only fair that we share with you each of our favourites from the new 247 drop.


For me, it's the Black with Solar Yellow  I'm a massive fan of all, all black trainers, I just think they are the most versatile to go with most outfits I wear
and I know these have a slight bit of colour at the bottom but for me, it gives them a... LOOK AT ME! feature.


For me, it has to be the Moonbeam With Dragonfly colour variation. I love how they have taken quite a simple colour and added a pop of orange, it creates contrast and they look on point.

It doesn't end here though, above is just the Men's drop! There is also a New Balance 247 Women's drop and it is stunning. Again they have the taken iconic NB247 look and added some bold colours creating colour contrast and amazing design detail. Check them out in the below pictures.

Also, don't forget to check out our previous posts on the New Balance 580 Elite and the New Balance Vazee Pace.


15 July 2018

Two Men Take On A Herbalife Challenge

Hi and welcome back to another post here on Ablokeseyeview, this time we are moving away from male grooming and moving on to a kind of fitness, healthier lifestyle post.

If you didn't know, or if you haven't read one of our recent posts, Ablokeseyeview is not only written by me Carl but also now my best buddy Dan Co-writes for the blog too, a lot of the time we will both write separate posts but on this one, we are both co-editing it due to us both starting the same 21 day challenge with Herbalife Nutrition.

Even though we are both quite similar in terms of beard, style, and our love for snapbacks, we both have our own stories to tell and our own reasons for wanting to complete this challenge. A huge thanks from us both to the team over Herbalife Nutrition for sending us the kit we need to take the challenge, there are some amazing products.


Herbalife Nutrition X Nile Wilson 

Nile Wilson is launching a new fitness initiative with Herbalife Nutrition that challenges people to get in shape and live a more active, healthier lifestyle in just 21 days. The Herbalife Nutrition 21 Day Challenge is quite unique, it can deliver serious improvements to your flexibility, core strength, and coordination. All you need is a can-do attitude and time as it's open to all ages and fitness levels and requires no gym equipment.

The challenge also gives you a different perspective on fitness as this challenge is done through the eyes of an Olympian gymnast. They are known for their focus, discipline, and obviously their strength! The exercises in this challenge have been designed to challenge body and mind whilst reaffirming positive habits that anyone taking part in the challenge can work into their everyday lives.

The 21-day program includes 15-20 minute sessions that actually include some of the moves that Nile relies on when training and this challenge offers a great insight into what he believes keeps him a physically and mentally fit Olympian. With everything from burpees, floor sprints, and HIIT this is definitely going to be a challenge, but we aren't going to take this lightly. We will both be pushing ourselves to become physically and mentally fitter.

Who Is Nile Wilson?

Nile Wilson is a 22-year-old northern lad based in Leeds. Nile is a British gymnast and if you haven't already seen what he is capable of, head over to Youtube and check his page out, he is insanely strong. He has had quite the run, in 2014 he became the first British gymnast to win five gold medals at the European Junior Gymnastics Championships. Later that year he brought home 4 medals including two gold at the Commonwealth Games and is the reigning champ on the horizontal bars.

It doesn't stop there, this guy is a machine! In 2015 at the World Artistic Gymnastic Championships Nile was a part of the first worlds men's team in British Gymnastic history and the year after brought a bronze medal home from the Olympics on the horizontal bar. This year he has so far brought home three gold medals and two silver from the Commonwealth Games in April which was held in Australia. He will also be competing in two further events this year, European Championships and the World Championships - Bring those medals back to Yorkshire Nile!

Carl's Story

If you have read my blog before then you may know that I have used Herbalife Nutrition products before and I have had some fantastic results, and still to this day I do still use their products, To be honest, I have put a little weight on since I stopped using it but full time but I do feel quite good.

Lol ;)

When I got asked to take part in this campaign I jumped at it straight away, not because I wanted to lose weight, but because I was feeling quite weak and I'm hoping that after the challenge I will feel a lot stronger, especially in my upper body and arms. I am really looking forward to seeing what the videos have to offer and I'm 100% focused on putting all my effort into it.

I love the mixed selection of products I have been sent and I can not wait to start using them in conjunction with the workouts, I'm quite sure the gymnastics style exercises will work muscles in my body I didn't even know I had, I have a feeling the Rebuild Strength will come in handy after the workouts and If I, struggling to with a lack of energy before the workout, I'm sure the CR7 Drive will give me that extra boost to see me through it.

Dan's Story

I am getting married in October this year and I am still the same overweight person I have been for the past 10 years. Every year I have said, this year I will lose weight and it never happens. So for the next 21 days, I am extremely excited to be taking part in this Herbalife Nutrition challenge. I want to feel confident and look good on the wedding day and I will be putting my all into this and make it happen.

Not sure if I look it or not, the t-shirt hides alot! However, I currently weigh in at 15st 4lb and this is nearly the heaviest I have ever been, believe it or not it's taken a lot of confidence on my part to post my weight online. I will be using products like the F1 and the Herbalife Nutrition bars to assist with weight loss, then to gain muscle the Rebuild Strength and CR7 products. Another thing I really need to up is my water intake and that is where the H24 Hydrate will be stepping in and making my water taste great.

The range of products that have been sent overlook great and I am really looking forward to trying them out and like Carl states above, using them in conjunction with the workouts. I am not very flexible, so the gymnastic style workouts will be interesting. It's also a first for me to use products like this, I have never been a gym go-er and protein shake guy. It is usually going to the gym then having some fries after, however, this has to change now. I know the products work and if you haven't already checked out Carl's previous post about Herbalife Nutrition here, it is a great insight into what Herbalife Nutrition did for him the first time around.

So make sure you follow us on Instagram and Twitter, you will be able to keep up to date with our progress on this challenge!


9 July 2018

We Shaved! A Cut Throat Shaver Review

Most of you will know we both have a beard, but that doesn't mean we never shave. Unless you have perfectly shaped facial hair or your necklines are totally covered then at some point you will need to neaten it. This means decent razor and shaving supplies are needed, even for a bearded man. Although I wouldn't advise just buying a shaving kit for someone with a beard, they could take this the wrong way! However, a Shaver Review goes a long way to ensure you get the right bit of kit!

So why line up? Some people complain that growing beards can look messy, this is where lining up comes into play. If you keep on top of your beard line, keeping to the natural shape of it but straightening or giving it a slight curve, depending on how it grows ensures you look well kept. It literally takes a few minutes in the morning and you soon get the hang of it.

To help us with ours the team over at The Bluebeards Revenge sent over the Cut Throat Razor Kit, it contains shaving cream, post-shave balm, their Doubloon shaving brush, and their Cut-Throat replaceable blade razor. To start off I want to talk about the razor, usually, when you buy cheap razors you get cheap blades that damage your skin and are not sharp enough to shave with. We found that this razor gives you a comfortable and close shave.

 The razor is also an absolute steal at less than £10! The brush is well made and synthetic/ cruelty-free, so for anyone who struggles to buy for the vegan in your life, it's definitely worth checking out. It gives you a good lather and feels a lot better to use than the competitors in the same price range.

Next up is the shaving cream and the post-shave balm. The shave cream lathers really well, again we have tested a similarly priced cream before and it turns to a paste on your skin causing a drag on the blade and in turn irritation. Last but not least the one thing most people skip, is a post-shave balm.

Please remember to use this, most people think it's a waste of time but it can really help soothe your skin and keep redness to a minimum, plus it smells great!

Line up and keep that beard tidy


In Need Of Some Male Grooming

Has anyone ever looked in the mirror and thought, what the hell is that looking back at me?

Well, this was me about 3 weeks ago, all I could think to myself was, Jesus I've let myself go! My skin looked awful, my hair and facial hair was a right mess and the bags under my eyes were shocking, I honestly so embarrassed that I had let it go so far. Male grooming and looking after myself has been quite a passion for me since I had starting blogging and I loved trying out different products and seeing the effects it had on my skin, hair and beard but sadly as of late I have really struggled for time and that means my grooming routine was me doing the bare minimum, so I was only using a face wash and I wasn't really taking care of my beard and I wasn't using any products at all on my hair... it was getting quite wild too so I wore a hat a lot of the time.

I thought it was about time to sort myself out, get back on a daily routine and get my skin looking and feeling great as well get taming the facial hair! The team over at Murdock London kindly sent me some products to get back on it! They sent Beard Moisturiser, Charcoal Soap and Black Tea Cologne and the packaging is stunning, clean and very stylish.

The packaging is always so nice, I remember mentioning that in an older post when I featured some of their products before.

Let's talk about the Beard Moisturiser, as well as it moisturises the beard it also helps control it a little. Its a non-greasy formula so it absorbs into the beard really well. Let's face it we hate a greasy looking beard! Once soaked in it leaves the beard smelling great, looking good and feeling healthy. 

This can also help with the early stages of growing a beard, if you are going through the itchy phase then this is great to work into the beard and onto the skin underneath, It soothes the skin slightly reducing itchiness.

Charcoal products are everywhere at the minute and why not? It really helps detoxify the skin and that is why we love this Charcoal Body Soap. It naturally removes excess oil and can draw impurities from the skin. There are quite a few benefits to using a soap like this which contains charcoal, it can even help reduce the size of pores making your skin look amazing. The soap lathers really well and smells great. A bar like this can last a few months unlike bottled gels, so it helps cut down on waste as well. Not only that, this soap is also handmade in the UK.

After a clean and moisturise you want to smell great don't you? As daft as it sounds for a lot of people cologne is bottled confidence. If you smell great then you feel great, in turn giving you more confidence. Murdock London had our backs with this Black Tea Cologne. Inspired by Britain's spice and tea routes it is a masculine blend of spices, very woody and a little goes a long way.

So if you are feeling rubbish and your skin needs an overhaul head over to Murdock London treat yourself, trust us you will feel better for it!


6 July 2018

Sun Style And Standing Out

Yeah so it's really, really hot at the moment!

How are we all coping?

I must admit it, I am one of the many people who is complaining that it's way too hot at the moment, and yeah I am the same guy who complains about the cold weather also but I say this with good reasons. You see, most of my days are either spent working outside or driving from job to job in an un-air-conditioned van.

It's 2018, how do we still have new vehicles with no air con?

So as you can imagine I get to see a mixture of weather conditions and sometimes it's for the better but most of the time it's horrible, I think I actually prefer the colder weather to the weather we are having at the moment, I know what you are thinking.. are you crazy?

Well, I have a good explanation for this!

I work a manual job and for health and safety reasons I am not allowed to wear shorts and the pants I have to wear are the big heavy-duty, hard-wearing, thick and last of all Black pants and may I add, not very fashionable.

So yeah, not well suited for the heatwave we are having at the moment. I spend hours baking in the sun with no shade, then when I go to my van to try to get some shade it's like an oven too. Some days I come home looking like a drowned rat, trust me it's not a good look, especially for a mega fashion blogger like myself ;)

My t-shirt tan lines are looking awesome at the moment.

But not all is bad I must say, This year I have done something I have never done, which I know I should have been doing for a long time and that is wearing sunglasses whilst I have been driving, I have spent years and years driving around the UK, squinting like a total idiot, don't ask me why but I have and I have the lines under my eyes to show for it.

Doing this has been one of the best decisions I've made for years, I'm no longer getting home feeling really tired from forcing to keep my eyes open in the sun all day and also the skin under my eyes. well, eye bags are not looking as dark anymore.

Wearing sunglasses isn't just about you being able to see when it's bright or just a fashion accessory, they also protect your eyes, this is why it's vital you buy from a reputable place. You will always hear about UVB and UVA protection, there is a high chance if you buy cheap glasses they won't give you the protection you need and could potentially be harmful to your eyes. Not only that but it has been said that wearing sunglasses can also help prevent/slow down the deterioration of your eyes. So buy quality and make sure it's got the protection you need.

Let's talk about the glasses I have been wearing, well I was lucky enough to have been sent this amazing pair for RayBans from the amazing people over at EyewearThese. They have the 50s/60s-inspired design, a modern version of a vintage classic, and recreate one of the famous looks Ray-Ban is known for. If you are looking for a classic pair of Ray-Bans but don't want to go for the wayfarers, Clubmasters are the next best choice!

They are a family-run business with over 65 years of experience, Eyewearthese.com is the online trading name of Vision Opticians, a leading optical chain located in the beautiful island country of Malta. Strategically placed, Malta’s eyewear is heavily influenced by Italy, its neighboring country and home to high-end designer eyewear and the very latest in eye care technology.

I will be honest and say I have never heard of them until they reached out to me but after doing a little research on them and checking out their products, I will be 100% be using them again when I am looking for my next pair, I have been wearing my Ray-Bans almost every day for last month, they are extremely comfortable and have a really nice fit

They have a huge selection on their website featuring all the well-known household names and they are definitely worth checking out


3 July 2018

ZEOS Beard Oil

This post is going back to my roots, well, to be honest, I could mean that in two different ways.

Firstly, when I started blogging, I used to feature a lot of beard products and sadly that kind of stopped about a year and half in, they always did really well view wise but I just struggled to create content for them and then secondly the products I will be talking about in this post are beard products and if you've used any sort of beard product before, you will know that they work  their way all the way down to my facial hair roots and giving them some tender loving care :]

I'm not the biggest beard oil user but I will always recommend using one, for me its just, I'm not a fan of having an oily beard, but what I do love, is the different fragrances they have but it's just the feel of it just gets on my nerves sometimes. 

When I first started growing a beard, oil was my go-to product, It was from reading a blog like mine, way before I was a blogger myself. I wanted some tips on how to grow a beard because I was really struggling at the time, I've always had stubble and always tried to grow my beard a little longer but always failed due to being so itchy and I ended trimming back down to a grade one.

This went on and on for a few years... until like I said above I read a blog post on how to grow a beard, I wish I could of remembered what post it was so I could have linked it in but unfortunately I don't so you will just have to use my post as a source of information on tips on how to grow a beard. 
In the post it explained that if you want to stop the itch then it was best to apply a few drops of beard oil to your hand, rub gently together and then work through your facial hair no matter what length it was! At the time mine was around 10mm to 15mm long.  After a few days of using the oil, I could feel a massive difference, my beard was feeling really soft and my skin underneath my facial hair was feeling really moisturised as well.

I still wasn't a big fan of using beard oil until a few weeks ago when The guys over at Zeos asked me if I wanted to review a couple of their oils, to be honest, I did have to think about it at first but then I remembered I have used a few of the other Product Zeos have in their range and I was really impressed.

There are so many variations on the market some can leave your beard feeling greasy as well as looking like you have just run some high shine pomade through it – This is not a good look! So what you want to be looking out for is a non-greasy oil that is packed full of essential oils like this ZEOS for Men Premium Beard Oil.

Beard oils should be a part of any bearded man’s grooming routine. Many bearded men don’t use them; however, they do play a part in keeping your mane looking fresh. They are usually made up of what is called carrier oil, this is the base oil that the beard oil is made from. Essential oils are then added to the carrier oil and these are the oils that make your beard and skin look and feel healthy.

Beard oil is really easy to use but don’t go overboard, a few drops in your hand and massage into your skin. Following this, you then run the oil through your beard and to finish use a wooden comb to comb your beard into shape. This will keep your beard looking healthy and feeling great.

They sent both, the Radiance and Inspire Premium Blend Beard Oils

Both oils have a nice blend of a lot of the usual suspect oils in them, which you would expect and they do really blend quite well together to nourish and tame your beard and I was presently surprised that they did leave my beard and skin feeling greasy at all. Radiance has a bold and contemporary fragrance and Inspire has a masculine blend with a contemporary twist, they are both alcohol-free and suitable for vegans.

So all in all, I think the products are great, I I would highly recommend them if you are wanted to give your facial hair the attention it should have. 

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