11 November 2017

Opinions On Band T-Shirts

Let me ask you a question - if someone wears a band t-shirt and they don't know who the band is, does it bother you 

Being a blogger I am stuck in the middle of so many different opinions when it comes to fashion and I know that there are a few mixed opinions surrounding this subject. 

My opinion is no it doesn't bother me and this is simply because fashion for me is more about how you feel when you are wearing something rather than what it actually is that you are wearing.

I bet you're thinking "what a random start to a blog post" but I do have reasons behind it. 

A couple of weeks ago myself and my son were invited out for a spot of lunch and a visit to the pictures.
My son being the age that he is, wanted to dress up for the occasion and asked if he could wear one of his new jumpers. 

The jumper in question was a Run DMC number, and as we were walking towards the event venue he looked down at it and asked, "Is Run DMC a good make?"

He's at a stage now where he will only wear branded clothing and I actually think he was just making sure that what he was wearing was branded so when I explained that Run DMC wasn't actually a clothing brand but was an old school Rap/Hip-Hop group he was a bit shocked.
We had a conversation about band tops being really fashionable and he was reassured that he looked good and was happy with what he was wearing.

We carried on the conversation a little and he asked me where he could get similar tops from, so we had a look when we got home and I told him about EMP who have a really great selection of band tops, a few of which he became quite interested in.

Brilliant for us to know with it being quite close to Christmas and having no other ideas about what to get him.

It wasn't only the tops he was interested in either on the EMP website, he took quite a liking to a lot of the gaming novelty accessories, in fact, there was quite a few stuff that I wouldn't mind for myself.

What are your thoughts on band t-shirts and tops? 


6 November 2017

What Kind Of Suit Are You

Welcome back to another post and another fashion related post at that.

You'll probably know by now that I've got a fair few posts on here about suits and the kind of suits that I like to wear so with this post, well I wanted to make it a little different.
And whilst I know people's blog posts are normally all about them and what they like, this post delves into the likes and loves of other people.

Through writing this blog I have made quite a few online friends, a few of which I have met up with and a few of that have become really close "real life" friends too, so it's only fair I include them in a post or two - I recently asked them what type of suit they like to wear and why.

There are so many different styles of suits on the market at the moment and I know there is something there for every taste and preference.

You could be a skinny fit suit fan like me or could prefer a more traditional suit like a Masonic Suits from Suits Men or even prefer a rather crazy, wild, colourfully patterned suit and I'm sure there would be no trouble in all of those bases being able to be covered.

Up first is David - and don't forget to check out his blog - Davey Granger...

"Any type of suit looks 2000% better if it’s fitted; make sure your trousers aren’t all crumpled around the ankle and that your jacket buttons aren’t about to bust.

In terms of style, I love a classic two-piece suit in darker tones with a patterned tie or a patterned suit with a plain tie"

Next up we have Dan from  Life Of Dan who I luckily met through blogging and he is now one of my best mates...

"When it comes to suits I always choose fit over fabric, I find tailored suits look too box-like and skinny suits make me look too top-heavy. I always opt for a slim fit suit and when possible, a three-piece.

After that it's fabric, I love muted toned suits in either autumnal colours or a rich navy. I try to keep to more natural fibres like cotton as they are more breathable and I usually pair my suit with a white shirt for a classic look.

In terms of accessories, I always go for a nice pair of shoes and a matching belt,
then a tie and a pocket square for a pop of colour.
And let's not forget a nice pair of socks, I hate seeing guys in suits with a pair of sports socks on!"

And next, we have Charlie who blogs over at Modish Male...

"It's all about finding the right fit for your body. From skinny to tailored, make sure you're wearing the correct fit which compliments your body!
Also, do NOT forget to wear a belt as it finishes the look"

Up next is Mark from The Honest Father and whilst he doesn't actually blog about fashion he is currently looking for his perfect wedding suit for next year and you should definitely swing by his blog...

"I like a tailored fit suit – one that gives some shape and doesn’t just make me look like a tube of Pringles. I’ve never been a fan of tweed – though I’m revisiting that for my wedding suit shortlist!
I’d also never go anywhere near a shiny suit – why would people do that? Nobody wants to walk the streets looking like a sea lion.

I’ve always had two standard colour suits for work – grey and navy blue. I plan to mix this up a bit soon, introduce some new colours, styles and materials and break the restrictive mould I’ve put myself in. I recently tried a Tuxedo on and loved it, though I’ll end up wearing it for going to the shops because it’s the only opportunity I’ll get!"

And last but not least is my main man Arran who has just become a father to the very cute Joshua, and he blogs over at Halo Of Thoughts...

"I’ve only ever worn a suit once, due to you needing them to be fitted to your body type no matter what style you have. Having previous body confidence issues I hadn’t wanted to wear them but this is something I now feel I could do."

I really love how we all have such different views on suits but that we all do kind of agree on the main points - that comfort and making sure you feel confident in what you are wearing is key.

I'd love to know what sort of suit you prefer to wear or love to see your man in.
Let me know in the comment section below.



* collaboration post 
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