4 September 2017

Globenfeld Daytimer Mens Watch

I was browsing through Twitter the other day and I randomly stumbled over a tweet about Harry Styles and how he has managed to bring the whole men wearing two rings on one finger back into fashion and this got me thinking...why on earth do I hate wearing jewellery so much?

I replied to the tweet with the statement that I wasn't a fan of wearing jewellery at all and I got quite a few responses stating that I'm by no means alone - and it wasn't just the guys who felt this way either.

In fact, I hate it that much I don't even wear my wedding ring anymore - I think it lasted a few months if that - which my wife is actually fine with, by the way...I think.

I've never been one to wear chains, bracelets or anything like that, I just don't see the attraction in it, and to be honest, I don't bother when ladies wear it all either.

The only accessory I do enjoy wearing is a good watch...but even then it will only be for a special occasion - I think a fancy time piece works really well with a suit.

And then add in a pair of braces, a tie and perhaps a pocket square and you have a very statement making, less-is-more kind of an outfit.

And recently - to a lovely family wedding I attended - I put on a really rather fabulous watch which matched and set off my blue suit to perfection.

I obviously don't wear it that often but that doesn't stop me thinking it is one of the best-looking watches I have ever owned.
Usually, I would opt for a full black watch, thinking it would match more things in my wardrobe, but this, well this is not only different but it goes perfectly with my blue suits.

The blue leather strap is really comfortable to wear and it doesn't irritate at all really.
I really like the contrasting coloured stitching on the strap too -  it works really well and adds a lot of detail too.
The buckle is of high quality too which is a must - the more robust the better if you ask me. 

The watch is built to handle any challenge thrown at it - it has a triple function dial which is housed inside of a scratch proof and shock resistant glass face. The watch actually only weighs 78g so it's not only just for smartly dressed occasions but could also be worn for long periods throughout the day and for sporting activities too.

I wore it with quite a smart casual outfit in a recent post shoot too and it really complimented that outfit too.

A lot of my family and friends have actually commented on just how nice this watch looks and that they really love the colour of it and the fact that it is different and really stands out. 

What do you think of it? 

Item sent for review, all words and pictures are my own

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