30 September 2017

SixPad - My First Impressions

I think it's been a while since I posted anything tech-related on the blog and I've got so much planned tech-wise - introducing you to my gaming setup and the games I'm really enjoying playing etc - but I keep forgetting to stop and write the posts because I'm too busy "researching" for them by playing the games.

So I decided that in this blog post I would talk about a piece of technology I have been using now for a few weeks and tell you a little bit about it and what my first thoughts of it are.

And this piece of technology isn't gaming-related at all.

But because I've decided that I really would love to be labeled as a "tech blogger" someday branching out into anything and everything "techy" is the way forward and over the next few months, I will be upping my game, getting some good tech-related content out and this post is the perfect place to begin.

If you follow me on my social media channels then you may have seen that recently I have lost a little bit of weight which will hopefully continue until I hit my goal weight (I will be posting about my weight loss journey quite soon, so look out for that)

Anyway, as part of this journey, I not only wanted to lose weight but I wanted to tone up too and begin to re-build any muscle I may have once had - and this is where my love of tech stepped in.

I joined the gym, which I did am managing to go around three to four times a week at the moment.  I haven't been putting myself through the most grueling of sessions just yet though but I have been doing a steady routine combing a little cardio and some light to medium weights with the odd little abs workout thrown in.

I've never really been the type of person to spend ages in the gym solely working on my abs which is why I can safely say that I haven't had a six-pack since I was, oh about sixteen.

To be honest the whole process just bores me and after about ten minutes of doing a few sit-ups, I'm more than ready to move on to the bike for 30 minutes.

And here is where technology plays its part. 

A few weeks ago I was sent a SIXPAD Abs Fit

The SIXPAD is a piece of advanced EMS training equipment that targets the abdominal muscles, helping to build core strength and providing a safe, comfortable, and highly effective twenty-three-minute workout.

And if you don't know what EMS stands for you are not alone - I'm not embarrassed to admit that I didn't have a clue either - it stands for...

"Electrical Muscle Stimulation"

Quite self-explanatory really.

I am a busy guy but I figured I could quite easily spare just 23-minutes a day to stick on the SixPad and let it give my abs a nice workout

So what did I think of it, to begin with?

Well, my only ever experience of using one of these types of products isn't a good one really - it was years ago and all I can remember is that when I strapped it around my waist I thought I was wearing the WWE world championship belt it was so large, bulky and uncomfortable.

I remember putting it on for about five minutes that was that, I just didn't like it at all and let us just say, it really didn't help me get my "slender" body.

The SixPad is the total opposite of this and I was actually really surprised at how slimline and cool looking it was - like some sort of futuristic technology and even the packaging looked great. 

The designer certainly got this spot on.

So now that I was impressed and drawn to the product, how did it actually work?

Well, I found it really easy to use.
I simply stuck the product to my abdominal area and switched it on - yep it really is as simple as that.

I pressed the + sign a few times to increase the intensity level so I could feel it pulsing my abs more, giving it a nice, stronger workout.
I wouldn't say I felt any discomfort at all at any time and the sticky pads used to keep it to my skin were really adhesive and held really well - walking around wasn't a problem in the slightest.

Over the next few days, I did play around with the intensity levels more until I found the maximum level I felt I could handle whilst still (weirdly) kind of enjoying it at the same time.

Yes, honestly, I really did enjoy my midriff having its own little dance while the SixPad went to work.

So, long-term plans?

Well, I've been using it now for a couple of weeks and I do really like it.
I'm not going to lie and tell you I now have an amazingly toned six pack -I wish - but what I will say is that everything below my man boobs has really started to tighten up a little and I honestly feel tonnes better than I did a few months ago.

I've also been a bit adventurous and because the SixPad is so slim and lightweight I have started doing little household tasks and nipping out into the garden whilst the machine was in motion - I'm getting a better body whilst loading the dishwasher or preparing the breakfast - it's great.

And it's really not noticeable under clothing either (clothing type will obviously determine this though) and even when we had visitors I could still stick it on and enjoy the workout whilst socialising.

And here's a quick summary of the SixPad's key features:
• Daily training program of 23 minutes to tone and define your abs
• One-touch operation with automatic warm-up and cool-down stages
• A slim, ultra-light, cordless, and unisex design for training on the go
• 15 Intensity levels allow you to tailor your work-out
• MTG's proprietary waveform with a frequency of 20Hz, the proven optimum frequency for muscle training
• MTG's proprietary waveform with a frequency of 20HZ, the proven optimum frequency for muscle training.
• Our advanced gel sheets last 28-30 training sessions

I will be publishing in five weeks so look out for that, and hopefully, if the SixPad has worked some magic, I should have some before and after photos to show too.
I will also be telling you more about the product and what the brand aims to achieve too.

If you have any questions about the product, feel free to ask me in the comments section below and I will try my best to answer.

Item sent for review, all words and pictures are my own

4 September 2017

Globenfeld Daytimer Mens Watch

I was browsing through Twitter the other day and I randomly stumbled over a tweet about Harry Styles and how he has managed to bring the whole men wearing two rings on one finger back into fashion and this got me thinking...why on earth do I hate wearing jewellery so much?

I replied to the tweet with the statement that I wasn't a fan of wearing jewellery at all and I got quite a few responses stating that I'm by no means alone - and it wasn't just the guys who felt this way either.

In fact, I hate it that much I don't even wear my wedding ring anymore - I think it lasted a few months if that - which my wife is actually fine with, by the way...I think.

I've never been one to wear chains, bracelets or anything like that, I just don't see the attraction in it, and to be honest, I don't bother when ladies wear it all either.

The only accessory I do enjoy wearing is a good watch...but even then it will only be for a special occasion - I think a fancy time piece works really well with a suit.

And then add in a pair of braces, a tie and perhaps a pocket square and you have a very statement making, less-is-more kind of an outfit.

And recently - to a lovely family wedding I attended - I put on a really rather fabulous watch which matched and set off my blue suit to perfection.

I obviously don't wear it that often but that doesn't stop me thinking it is one of the best-looking watches I have ever owned.
Usually, I would opt for a full black watch, thinking it would match more things in my wardrobe, but this, well this is not only different but it goes perfectly with my blue suits.

The blue leather strap is really comfortable to wear and it doesn't irritate at all really.
I really like the contrasting coloured stitching on the strap too -  it works really well and adds a lot of detail too.
The buckle is of high quality too which is a must - the more robust the better if you ask me. 

The watch is built to handle any challenge thrown at it - it has a triple function dial which is housed inside of a scratch proof and shock resistant glass face. The watch actually only weighs 78g so it's not only just for smartly dressed occasions but could also be worn for long periods throughout the day and for sporting activities too.

I wore it with quite a smart casual outfit in a recent post shoot too and it really complimented that outfit too.

A lot of my family and friends have actually commented on just how nice this watch looks and that they really love the colour of it and the fact that it is different and really stands out. 

What do you think of it? 

Item sent for review, all words and pictures are my own

1 September 2017

Why I Love Online Shopping

Am I the only one out there who hates shopping?

Come on, you've got to admit, online shopping is far better.

I remember years ago, back in the days when I had no money worries, no bills - apart from paying my parent's board money - I used to love shopping. I had just started a job, I was an apprentice but got paid an OK wage for a sixteen-year-old lad.
I was paid weekly so I gave my board money to my Mum or Dad, got a 20 pound top up for my phone and the rest of my wages were play money.

On the Friday I would head down to town and buy whatever I wanted, whether it was the latest album or a new pair of trainers and a hat to had to my collection.
It was amazing, shopping with no worries at all. 

Then I met Simone...no more treating myself to the finest of things anymore, nope, instead the shopping trips turned into shopping for her to find a new outfit...no wait...I mean new outfits for our nights out over the weekend.

But it wasn't all bad because we had a bit of a Saturday tradition worked out - at the time Simone worked at New Look and I would always go to pick her up in the afternoon after her shift and we would head to one of the little market cafes to grab a spot of lunch.

This is really bringing back some fond memories - I do miss those egg custards.

And then all of this changed too because along came the kids!

Obviously, kids take up a lot of money which means shopping for myself is no longer a priority but they also are a right pain in the backside when you take them shopping -they are almost as bad as me.

I think this having children stage was the point where I began to really hate shopping, myself and Simone used to fall out quite a lot because I would just mope around the shops with a face on hoping she would get the hint that I didn't want to be there and would eventually give in so we could go home.

And it worked too.

But obviously, we have to shop - for food, for clothes, for house things, but anything for an easier life.

Around this time online shopping was starting to blossom and more online market places became available selling anything and everything I could possibly need.

No need to chase Willow out of the supermarket bakery anymore - the food shop can be done from my sofa.

No need to listen to Charlie huffing and puffing, wanting to be anywhere but wandering the shops' ladies jeans section with his Mum - the denim choices can be made from the comfort of our living room

No need for me to have to put my snapback obsession on hold because "they are too expensive and the kids need new shoes" - I can make cheeky bids and pay a whole lot less than I would in a shop.

And this is why the internet and the amazing world of online shopping will win hands down every time for me - easier, cheaper and a lot more hassle free than visiting the shops themselves.

Anything for an easy, stress-free life.

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