28 August 2017

Why I Go All Inclusive

Is it just me or has the six week school holiday just flown by this year?
It only seems like yesterday that my son broke up from primary school and began his six weeks of fun, preparing himself for his new adventure towards secondary school.

When we talk about him going to secondary school it sounds so weird because to us, he is still our little boy...only he isn't that little anymore.

We did try plan to take him away as a treat on a holiday abroad this year but after pricing it up and totting up the pros and cons of taking a 19-month-old baby away with us, we decided not to bother.

But then after a lot of thought, we decided we had to do something but would stay in the UK instead - it would be financially better and we figured we would find it easier taking Willow away by car than we would by plane.
She's not a bad toddler at all but she sure is one very active toddler who doesn't like to sit still for any amount of time, but the car seat does seem to chill her out a little.

So the plan is that next year we will go on an amazing summer holiday.

Willow will almost be three and Charlie would have just finished his first year at high school so the break will be definitely needed.
And we are going to, one hundred percent, be looking at an all inclusive package holiday with a lot of amazing activities for kids - and if possible, some sort of water park built into the complex too.

If the kids are happy and having fun then that means myself and Simone will be happy and will be having a great time too.

We are the sort of parents who like to go and have a really nice, stress-free holiday which is why we would always choose an all inclusive holiday

The thought of not having to do any sort of cooking for our breakfast, lunch and tea, plus having drinks and snacks on tap when every we want them is so handy - I mean you know what kids are like, "Mum...Dad...Can I have a drink? An ice cream? A snack?" every five minutes - it can certainly get a little expensive and that's not even thinking about the cost of dining out for most meals.

I know a lot of people would say, "just go self-catering, do a big shop and just cook yourself - that will be even cheaper", but for me, that isn't a holiday.
I know loads of people would love doing that but if I'm on holiday I want to do as little as possible and spend any time I have simply relaxing.

Our "we must have" holiday next year is going to be so important too because our last holiday abroad was a massive six years ago now.

We traveled to Corfu and yep, it was, of course, an all inclusive holiday - it was amazing.
There were plenty of choices when it came to meal times and whilst I wouldn't have said the food was mega amazing it definitely was good enough for the Baker Bunch.

Charlie befriended a few other kids who all loved playing together day and night so it seemed that he was always hungry - the all inclusive aspect was brilliant because he didn't have to come and get money from us every time he wanted a snack or a drink, he just visited the bar himself.
We did check on the about of times he did go and grab something but having it there without having to use money every time was great.

I definitely would recommend all inclusive type holidays -they have been easier and hassle free for me - but I know every family is different and love to have their own little adventure on their summer break.

What are your favorite holiday types?

Are you a relaxer like me or do you love to get in the kitchen and prepare your own food?

I'd love to know in the comments below.



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