10 August 2017

Turtle Bay - The New Menu

Firstly I want to apologise because this post may make you very hungry.

I know I'm not the biggest food blogger about, but I do love talking about food, I mean who doesn't!
There isn't a food which I don't like, I will eat anything and the more of it there is the better.
In fact, I'm craving all the food at the moment as I am on a weight loss plan, but I will save all of that for another post.

Like I said I do like most foods but there is one type of food which I could eat for every meal, every day.

I love the texture, I love the flavours, I love that kick of heat it gives out and I especially love the variety of different dishes it offers.

The food I am talking about is Caribbean food.

And my favourite place ever to eat Caribbean food is...the amazing Turtle Bay!
If you have read my blog before you may have spotted that I have been there quite a few times before, my first event visit was amazing and actually I was lucky enough to be one of the first ever people to eat at the, then not even open, Huddersfield restaurant.
Check out my post here

Then, I was invited over to the Leeds restaurant to try out the full dining experience with my family, and you can read about this experience here.

I have actually been quite a few other times too after that, and I have tried quite a few different dishes.
And then, a few months ago I received an email asking if my and my family wanted to go back again to the Huddersfield restaurant to review their all new Summer menu - I don't think I've replied to an email quite as fast as I did to that one.

I must admit I had a bit of a selfish parent moment because I didn't want to take our youngest, Willow, with us - she's at the age now where she eats whatever we are having but as soon as you take her anywhere then she's in adventure mode and definitely will not stay sitting at the table for long - and I wanted to be able to savour the meal...

I know, selfish right.

I really wanted to enjoy the food and purely for the purpose of an in depth review, her Nana said she would watch her for an hour or so.

We did, however, take Charlie who loves Caribbean food as much as myself and his mum do.

Now let me get down to the important bit...the food.

Normally when we go to a restaurant we order a different starter each for the sole reason that we can all have a taste of each other's, but this time we were blown away the vast amount of variety on the Just Jerk Sharing Platter. 

Just look at the photo, if that doesn't make your mouth water then nothing will.

We had pork ribs, sweet corn fritters, beef patties, jerk marinated wings and to top it off there was a plate of spiced popcorn complemented by a nice salad with herb mayo.

Everything was cooked perfectly, well seasoned, packed with flavour and tasted as good as it looked,.

I only had one issue and that was I wished I had ordered one just for my self.

For my main I ordered the Bajan Beef Cheeks which was from the new menu - the beef was so soft and tender, kind of melt in the mouth.
It came with okra, potato and the fluffiest steamed rice you can imagine. 

Once again as I have come to expect from Turtle Bay it was packed out with flavour and with every mouthful you got a different flavour hitting your tongue

I demolished the lot and could have easily eaten another bowl full, I'm not sure if that's because I was still hungry or if it just tasted that good I wanted more!

Simone ordered the same as me and loved and ate every last forkful too.

Charlie ordered the Slow Cooked Beef Ribs with sweet potato fries.

He said it was amazing and I can second this because I helped him finish it. 

Now let's talk about the pudding, this is the amazing Passion Pie and we ordered it with 3 spoons.

Just look how bright and vibrant it looks, it kind of sums up Turtle Bay on a plate.

It is such an amazing place to eat at, the atmosphere is great and there is always a great vibe due to the sounds of the Caribbean coming from the speakers.

The lovely selection of drinks - some alcoholic, some (one!) not also helped with the chilled, relaxed vibe too...delicious...and those cocktails - very rum packed.

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I did eating the food


Inveted to review, all pictures and opinions are my own.

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