28 July 2017

Being A Fashion Blogger

I feel a need to begin this post by saying that it really is so hard for me to be a fashion blogger.

I know my blog isn't solely "a fashion blog" and is more lifestyle if anything but fashion posts have always been by far my most popular posts and I'm pleased about this because, when I have the time and can be bothered, I'm a massive fan of fashion - even though I don't know too much about it.

I mean of course I know the things that I like and I know a few different brands and the style that makes them unique but when it comes down to the nitty gritty of fashion I really haven't got a clue.

When I see people tweeting about fashion week I just kind of switch off and look at the photos, but even then I don't really get it because to me, half of the time the outfits I see are really quite disgusting.

Another thing I don't really know much about either is the story behind the brands, like who are they, what do they stand for and even who is the main designer.

Does this make me a poor fashion blogger?

I'd like to think not because my blog is about me and the things that I like and how I feel about things, how, because I am quite distanced from the fashion world, I can put my opinion out there, honestly and let people know how I really feel.

Recently I was contacted by Farfetch about featuring some items of clothing on my blog from a brand called A.P.C. 

I'm going to be really honest here and say I had actually never heard of them before so I had a good look through their website and do you know what, I really liked about 80% of the items they had on offer.

There was a good mix of really plain items (which I would normally wear) and some really stand out fashionable pieces which I don't think I ever could pull off.

Once again I did the same thing I normally do, I chose what I wanted, what I knew I would be comfortable in without even thinking about the brand and who they were.

However luckily for me, I am really close to a group of male bloggers and one of them called Ryan Mules who has recently written a post featuring the same brand - The Importance Of Sustainable Fashion - was there to steer me in the right direction on all things APC.

Ryan knows tonnes about fashion and it was a real learning curve for me to read his post and it got me thinking that I really do need to do a bit more brand research with the clothing I choose to wear.

So let me begin by introducing you to A.P.C which can be purchased from Farfetch here.

One of A.P.C's most popular products are their raw-denim selvage jeans which unfortunately are not featured on this post, but the brand is also known for their stylish, very minimalist, designs and quite a few of their product kind of resemble an army-type design.

For me, I never seem to dress in anything stand out and I seem to have quite a plain dress sense, this is probably why I liked a lot of A.P.C's offerings.

Let me first tell you about the jacket, it is the Cotton-Linen Blend Light Brown Rough Jacket 

As you can see it is very plain but nevertheless it is very stylish.  It is a perfectly straight cut jacket with a top stitched band collar and a double button. The only real detail really comes in the form of the patch pockets on either side.
You wouldn't know it was made by A.P.C unless you actually knew because, in true A.P.C style, their logo is either none existent or very tiny. 

I have worn this jacket on both a hot day and a more cooler evening and didn't feel uncomfortable in either situation - not too and too hot or too cold.

I teamed the jacket with the Beige Cotton Corduroy Cap and if you have read my blog before you will know I do love wearing a cap although this style is a real change for me as I tend to go for snapbacks.

But change is good and I really liked how this cap set the jacket off perfectly - plus I don't think a snapback would have gone all that well really.

Once again the hat style is really plain and simplistic but it certainly makes a statement, looks great and compliments the jacket so well.

The T-shirt I picked out to add to the outfit is very Freddy Krueger like I know and is from a cool new independent label called Original And Unrestored who I recently worked with on a post  

I almost look like I should be spending my day watching my local football team from the terraces shouting abuse at anyone and everyone don't I...but not quite. 

My outfit has definitely got a slight typical football hooligan vibe to it but I promise that's not for me - I'm more of a rugby fan anyway.

And then to finish the outfit off, I wore these Original Penguin jeans which I have had for years and have only just been able to fit into them due to a little bit of weight loss, and for footwear, I wore my Blue Suede Barbour boots which I have also had for a few years now too.

I'd love to know what you think of the outfit and also if you are in the same boat as me when it comes to fashion.


Some items featured were sent for review, all opinions and photos are my own 

7 July 2017

Do I Still Dress Too Young?

Well, thank you for stopping by my blog again and if this is your first visit please feel free to check over some of my older posts.
I know I haven't been the most consistent male blogger around lately but this is a little promise from me to you that I am back at it now and hopefully will be posting weekly - and if that goes well then maybe twice a week.

So, what's been going on - well I've just turned 35... OMG...yes, in 5 years I will be 40.

How depressing is that?

I keep asking myself the same questions:

 Will I have a midlife crisis soon?

Will I have to start wearing a flat cap?

Will I have to soon hand over my snapback collection to my son?

And does my age mean that now my rugby career is over?
Well, I say "career", what I actually mean is "the odd game that I participate in as a hobby every now and again".

To be honest, the answer to all of the above is that I ain't going to be doing any of them.

I'm not depressed in the slightest about getting older, I mean my life is amazing at the moment and that is down to three special people, so there'sno chance of a "midlife crisis happening".

A flat cap?  Well, I wouldn't be seen dead in one so that kind of answers that one and then as for my snapbacks, my collection is getting bigger and bigger by the day and I'll probably be wearing them in my 80's.

I've never been the best rugby player anyway but what I lack in skill and talent I try to make up for in heart and passion.
I actually stopped playing rugby league last summer and I have missed it if I'm honest but I know my body just isn't up to the speed of the game anymore so I decided to give it a miss this year.

This resulted in a bit of a downfall with my weight because as I had nothing to train for I lost the little bit of fitness I had, but I've now decided to join the open age side of the Rugby Union club my son plays for.
It's actually the third team who are called the Beaver's and they are players of all ages - some are even a lot older than me so I figured if they can do it there should be nothing stopping me...but I need to run this past the wife first...
She knows injury tally is quite high at the moment.

Now that I'm getting on a bit, one of the things I am a bit worried about is my fashion sense, especially on the rare occasion I do manage to take my son to school and spot not many parents dressed like me at all - I'm definitely one of the odd ones out dressed in my Snoop Dog top, my jean shorts and a backwards cap.

And this got me thinking, is there an age for what people should wear?
It's something that has played on my mind quite a lot actually, even without me knowing - one of my first ever blog posts was titled Do I Dress Too Young?

But I love how I dress, it's me!

I feel confident and always feel comfy which is a real key factor in every outfit I put on - there's no worst feeling than the anxiety caused when I feel restricted in clothes - I always feel so claustrophobic, it's awful.

I know we've had a good few hot days recently and I'm hoping for a lot more to come so I can go out and take some more amazing fashion post shots and show you guys the sort of things I love wearing at thirty-five years of age and show you that you can wear what you want no matter what age you are.

And here is what I've been wearing recently when we went away as a family on a little birthday trip

The outfit is quite basic but that's just how I like it - comfy, casual and unfussy.

So, let's start from the bottom up.

I think a fresh pair of white kicks should be a staple in everybody's wardrobe, male or female, they basically go with everything, from a sporty, everyday get up, to something a little more smart casual and then to very smart - trainers and suits are a thing you know - however with these being so bright a problem is created - how on earth do you keep the things clean?

The only answer for that is, "I don't wear them too often"!

These are the White Canvas Old Skool Vans and don't they look amazing - they are from the brilliant people over at Jakes Shoes too

I mean come on, Vans, who doesn't love a good pair of Vans right?

I've still got an old pair of the famous reds ones kicking around somewhere I'm sure

And here's a nice bit of Vans background information for you - it's something I didn't know and found it quite interesting anyway.

The classic Vans Old Skool in white is a staple part of any trendsetter's wardrobe. Before the Old Skool was originally released, Vans founder Paul Van Doren was known as a doodler, and always had a pencil and pad close; he drew up the simple wave-like side stripe and called it the “jazz stripe”. The Vans side stripe originally appeared on the now-iconic; Style 36 aka Old Skool in 1977, which just so happened to be Vans very first leather skate shoe.

I know it'snot common to know the history behind an item of clothing, so I'd just thought I would chuck it in for reference

 Jakes Shoes - the amazing people who sent these kick my way - are actually an independently run family business who offer a wide choice of shoes, slightly different to those on offer from the high st.

I mean you name it, they have it - men's, ladies, kids and even a huge selection of different accessories.

If you're ever looking for something a little different, a little quirky then I would definitely suggest checking them out, you never know, you may find the shoe you have always been looking for...and at a good price too.

Back to the outfit - the shorts I wore are recycled from an older post I worked on last year for Father's Day and they are from Next.

These have been my go-to shorts ever since I got them - I have big thighs you see so I had to size up a waist size when I ordered them just so they would fit my legs, but actually, I feel the baggier waist fits in with the outfit better

And then last but not least is this very cool Lock-Up Baseball Tshirt from a cool up and coming independent clothing label called Original & Unrestored

If you've read my blog for a while now then you will know that I'm a massive fan of independent clothing retailers and I love featuring them on my blog.

They have so many cool items on their site, I have a couple more pieces to show you too which will feature on my blog quite soon - make sure you don't miss them...

"Original & Unrestored are the t-shirt people and wear their lives on their sleeves".

What do you think of the outfit? 

Items were sent for an honest review, all pictures and words are my own
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