29 June 2017

Suits you sir

So it's that time of year again, the time where I start to get the odd invite here and there to attend a fabulous wedding or two...and whilst I'm not saying I'm Mr Popular or anything, I already have two invites lined up as it is.

I'm really hoping that the weather on these special days will be something like what we have had over the past few weeks - it's been roasting hot hasn't it and yes, whilst I will hold my hands up and admit that there were a few times where I was one of the people having a "it's too warm to work" moan, on a wedding day the weather has simply got to be perfect hasn't it.

Myself and Simone fell quite lucky really with the weather on our big day whilst we were up there in sunny Gretna.
The sun was shining, the skies were blue but it wasn't too hot either - it was perfect and our photographer managed to get some brilliant pictures - amazing for when we want to reminisce and look back on our day.

I've been quite fortunate really in that over the past few years, probably since I started blogging actually, I've had the opportunity to wear a lot of amazing suits - many with quite a hefty price tag too but this wasn't always the case.

In fact at the time - almost six years ago now - our wedding day was the first time I had worn a suit in years - I actually didn't own one and couldn't afford a fancy thing like some of the ones I have in my wardrobe now - so what did I do?

I went for a mega budget buy from Matalan that's what.

Don't get me wrong though, I did like the suit but I didn't really have any fashion know how back then - I just grabbed the cheapest suit which looked OK and that fit.

It's quite strange when I look back now - I make so much more effort for other people's weddings than I did for my own.
(not if we ever did it again though...not at all...)

But anyway, I have some suit related questions...

What do I wear for the weddings that I have been invited to?

Do I re-use one of the suits I have at the moment?

Do I swap and change a few things about and mix it all up with a few new accessories?

Do I go out and find a brand new suit?

I think accessories would be the cheapest option really - I could add a few striking details such as a really stand out pocket square and matching bow tie to freshen the suits up.

But then again, there is nothing quite like putting on a fresh, brand new suit and knowing it looks great.

I'm the sort of person who's confidence soars when I feel good - especially if I'm in a good outfit.
Wearing an old suit might make me uncomfortable; maybe people have noticed me in it before from a previous party - and I can't be having that...

I'm very definitely it two minds as what to do and I would really appreciate a little help on the matter - feel free to leave comments below on what you would do or what you think I should do.


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