6 December 2016

Me And Women's Fashion

Before we had kids and actually had something of a social life, I like to think I was "involved" in woman's fashion quite a bit.

We used to go out every weekend without fail and that meant Simone needed a brand new outfit every single weekend, sometimes two depending on how many times we were planning on going out - sometimes we were out ThursdayFriday Saturday and Sunday.

God only knows how we used to manage it or even afford it but we certainly did it.

I was kind of our weekend thing, Simone used to work at New Look back then and would sometimes finish at dinner time.
I would head down into Bradford to meet her, we used to grab some lunch in the market cafe and then we would wander the shops over and over again and pick out her outfits.

In those days I think I had a bit of an opinion about women's fashion - Simone loved my opinion on the things she was trying on.
And actually I was really big on my own look too - I wanted to look my best all of the time.

Looking back I think all of our money must have been spent on nights out, clothes and food. 

How things have changed! 

I think it was possibly when we had Charlie and our crazy nights out came to a permanent halt - money was put to other uses like nappies and baby milk and I think my eye for fashion - both mens and womanswear - went totally out of the window and that's how it has stated right to this day.

I'm not really bothered about it anymore.

If I ever do go shopping with Simone now - and it doesn't happen often - if she asks my my opinion about something I admit, I just say it looks fine because I hate shopping.
I just want her to hurry up so we can go get some food or go home for a brew.

I don't have time to want to be bothered about it all these days.

I'm working anything up to 21 hours a day right now. I'm trying to parent my kids, keep my blog going - there just aren't enough hours in the day to be sat outside fitting room curtains being enthusiastic about a pair of jeans and a jumper.

Of course I can look at a lady and think hmmm that outfit looks nice...but really, do I actually do this?

No, I don't think I do.

And whilst I respect the fashion industry and everyone who loves every aspect of it, my life simply doesn't have the time to include much of it these days...

Well especially the women fashion aspects anyway.

My wife will just have to struggle on giving herself her own opinion.

Yep - times really have changed.

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