30 November 2016

This Autumn Comfort Is Key For Me

I've been blogging for almost two years now and I don't think I've ever actually introduced you to the real me!

And what I mean by that is away from my blog, who am I? 

When I'm not writing about male grooming, fashion and family stuff, what is it that I do with my time?

Well the answer to that is simple - I can be found sitting on my big arse chilling out watching TV or doing a bit of online gaming...obviously once the long days work have been done and the kids are sorted and in bed.

But what else?

Well when I'm not attending fashion events or taking outfit pictures, what kind of thing am I wearing?

The answer is lazy, comfy clothes, usually with a snapback on my head so I don't have to do anything at all with my stupid thick, dark, curly hair.

I wouldn't say I'm a lazy person but chill time and down time is very important.

I do really like dressing well and wearing suits don't get me wrong, but the reason I began featuring them on the blog quite a lot was that I felt a bit of a need to to fit in with all of the other mega dapper guys who I follow on social media.

All of the male bloggers I interact with are always all dressed so smart with amazing blog and instagram photos showing them looking slick and there was me, slobbed out at home unable to do OOTD posts because no one would have wanted to see the clothes sitting in my wardrobe.

No way could I fit in with everyone and possibly, I wouldn't be accepted.

So I took it upon myself to change my image - I wanted to look dapper in my photos too.

And this feeling was really strange to me because I've never aspired to be anybody else, I've never felt a need to copy another person's style and I've certainly never wanted to "fit in".

What was wrong with me?
Possibly I was scared no one would take me seriously - blogging was new to me but it was still really important and I didn't want to spoil the opportunity.

So I changed the way I dressed and I also wrote posts on how I wanted to become a smarter dresser and how I wanted to change my wardrobe.

All of which were true things but still, something wasn't quite right.

This wasn't me - don't get me wrong I do think I look great in a suit and I have had loads of positive comments on this new style and how they liked the change and that it really suited me.

So I carried on dressing like this and I now have quite a few suits and smarter casual wear.

And at this point the amount of posts I had around looking smart but something still wasn't right and I couldn't put my finger on it.


I don't know if you guys noticed but I've been on a little blog and social media break recently.

Well, the break has actually been on and off for the last 5 months now, I may throw out the odd tweet to interact with people, but nothing like I used to do.

It was during this break I realised what the image issue was - it was "super smart Carl".

This wasn't actually the Carl I was seeing every day - I hadn't dressed smart the whole time I was on the break because I didn't have any blogger events to dress up for.
I didn't have any meals out planned and all I had been wearing were my work clothes and then comfies when I got home and I felt great, I felt comfortable.

This was definitely my comfort zone and this was definitely me.

And the whole "needing to fit in" feeling - I'm not one to follow a trend or to be the type of person to change in any way to fit.

If expletives want to like me then it should be for me - comfy, casual Carl who can wear a suit at times.




Hi I'm Carl Baker and I love wearing casual clothes.

Trainers, Snapback's and a tracksuit.

That is me and I'm really sorry I let it slip away from me.

And now, let me introduce to you my latest OOTD, and one in true A Bloke's Eye View style.

First up...

Foray Zero Suit – Mid Blue

This bonded technical tracksuit from Foray Clothing stands out a mile when it is worn.
It is water repellent and water resistant so is perfect for this time of year when the weather changes by the hour - it is made from quite a thick material too so is perfect now the temperature is freezing.

Both the jacket and the bottoms are made from the highest quality fabric - just like the other products they have for sale.
The Foray products all focus on vanguard performace fabrics, fits and features and each garment is specially designed to ensure it meets the customers demands of life and leisure.

This mid-blue colour is actually something I wouldn't normally choose but I think it goes well with other items I have in my wardrobe for the Autumn and Winter season.

If you are in to Urban style clothing like me or if you want to dress in pure comfort, then I suggest you definitely check out what Foray have to offer over on their web store.

And like I said before, I do love a good Snapback.

Myself and my son actually share a big collection of them, well, most of them were mine but they have now mostly ended up in his bedroom...

But one of my favourites really compliments this Foray tracksuit perfectly and it is from well know Snapback makers SnazzBacks.

The Navy Denim Cap features a classic white Snazz woven label across the front and it has a tan leather peak which works quite well the mid blue colour of the tracksuit, giving the whole outfit a nice autumn feel.

The SnazzBack website is packed full of amazing head gear, from Snapbacks to beanies to bucket hats and 5 panel caps.

If you are looking for a hat then these are the people to visit.
They have really developed into a authentic head wear brand and supply everyone, from your local neighbour to some of the most leading names in the entertainment industry - just take a look at their instagram page and you may see some familiar faces.

If you want to get your Snazz on then I suggest you visit here.

Then, to finish the outfit perfectly I teamed everything with these amazing New Balance Vezee trainers.

They are really comfy, light and stylish and the colour matches the outfit perfectly.

I don't really need to go into detail about New Balance  because I'm sure everyone will know who they are and how good their products are.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and please let me know what you think of the outfit, or if you have been in a similar "need to change myself" situation.

Items sent for review, all opinions and photos are my own

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