6 November 2016

Grooming Gift Essentials For Men

It's no secret that I do love to take care of my self and to do so, I use a lot of different products.
A lot of time and effort goes into a proper daily grooming routine, especially with the colder weather just starting to hit.

It's really important - especially in the outdoors type job that I do - to make sure all the areas exposed to the elements are looked after properly.

The majority of my face is actually covered by my huge beard so the cold doesn't affect me too much really, but you may of noticed from a recent post I published that I do occasionally trim my facial fuzz.
And when I say trim that means just that - trim - none of this shaving the lot of business for me.

I am actually trying to grow my beard out at the moment, I want to create a nice shape so I only trim my lower neck, cheekbones and normally take a little off of the side burns.

If you are the same as me (or if your partner is) then I think these Mens Hair Clippers would be perfect for the job - and they would make a great Christmas gift too...

Panasonic have always been know to create good, quality products and these are no exception.

With a new ultra, close cutting blade it means that you are cutting the length 40% shorter than if you were to use a conventional model.
The design is also very smooth and curvy and has a non-slip grip which makes it really easy to handle meaning the cut you give will be even more precise.

The clippers come complete with a sleek charging dock which, from an eight hour charge, gives a fourty minute usage time and there are also various handy comb attachments too.

It is perfect for all possible grooming needs - definitely a great gift to find in your stocking this Christmas.

Right, so that's the beard trimmed, we obviously now need a beard care gift set to take care of the fuzz which is left on the face.

The Beard Shed have this covered with their amazing Brighton Beard Company - Hawkhurst Conditioning Gift sets.

The set includes a Creampot Tom's Mandarin and Cedarwood Beard balm and a Old Joll's Beard Oil in a scent of choice - Black Pepper and Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang and Sandlewood or Mandarin and Cedarwood.

My favourite would have to be the Black Pepper and Grapefruit - I know from experience that the combination works really well for me.

If you (or your partner) are newish to the whole beard grooming world then this set would make a perfect starter pack.

But I am not new tothis world and so after this kit I would then move on and keep going with the products - well I am 34, my skin really needs all the treating it can get. 

And because I blog, one of the best things for me is that I have been introduced to so many amazing products and brands - and not just the fabulous ones I have worked with either - the whole social media scene has introduced me to many brilliant products too - and my skin loves them all. 

One of the brands I have used but have not actually blogged about is Menage Skincare.

Their products are one of the best skincare ranges I have found.

All the products you could possibly need for your skincare and grooming routine are there and have been put together in one Menage Survival Kit 

The kit contains a100ml Deep Pore Cleansing Face Scrub which is amazing, I recently started a new job and my face comes into contact with a lot of muck and grease daily and this product totally strips it from my skin.

The kit also contains an Anti-Ageing Moisturiser which is really fast absorbing and leaves a non-shiny matte look. 

And then next, also included, is a product I haven't used yet but is should be a must in every grooming routine - especially people getting quite old like me - and it is the Anti-Fatigue Eye Roll-On.

I currently use a similar product from a different brand twice a day, once in the morning and once just before bed and they are greatat reducing the appearance of fine lines and dark under eye patches.

I really need this as I do a lot of twelve hour days and mostly look like death a lot of the time but these eye roll-on products definitely helps prevent that. 

They come in a really nice wash bag too - perfect for taking on your travels or even to the gym.

I hope this little gift guide has come in handy for you and has given you a few Christmas gift ideas for the guys in your life.

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