14 September 2016

Where Did Summer GO

I know what you're thinking...

Who nicked Summer? 

It only seems like two minutes ago that I was getting my garden all nice and ready for summer and getting really excited about spending a bit of family time relaxing in it. 

Did I do much of that?...Nope. 

I know we've had some really hot days but it hasn't been consistent enough for us to be able to do much at home especially considering that during the week of the UK's mini heatwave I was away at the East Coast having a really good time with my kiddies.
And I was all prepared to take total advantage of our pretty, rural location and had loads of outfit shots planned but it just wasn't to be - we had a bit of an issue with our accommodation you see and had to cut our holiday short so outfits plans were pushed to one side.

Then, I had another week booked off of work to have some more time with the family but the Friday before I had an accident at work which meant stays in hospital, seeing a plastic surgeon and an operation.
Then I spent the rest of my week off resting up at home.

So all in all you could say I've not had the best of summers really. 

But one good thing I did this summer was take part in the Bonprix summer style challenge - I had to pick an outfit I would wear in the summer and style it. 

To be honest I actually wear summer clothes all year round, I'm not one to dress for seasons really because comfort is key in my eyes. 

I wear shorts almost every day, and in the summer, the shorter the shorts the better.

I think guys should get their legs out a lot more.
I don't know if it's because I play rugby and the shorts that are supplied with the kits are quite tiny but I find I feel more comfortable in the shorter style.

But one of my personal pet hates - 3/4 length pants - I mean who even invented them and WHY?

They aren't fashionable at all and I just don't understand what they are about...Do you? 

I'm not even a fan of shorts that touch the knees, I mean guys, if we are going to get our legs out then we should at least show them off to their full potential...and the shorter the shorts the more tan we get.

I teamed my shorts with all white - I think bright white clothing and accessories look really fresh which is a great look in the summer.

I like crisp white pumps and white polo's - they are some of my summer essentials and I think thy work really well with my hot pant...ish denim shorts.

And if you know me then you'll know I'm a bit of a Mr Snap Back - I have always loved hats and have a huge collection...all of which now reside in my son's bedroom.

I definitely think this plain white one goes perfectly with the whole outfit.

Denim shorts Blue Moonwashed £17.99

Short Sleeved White Polo Shirt £12.99

White Canvas Baseball Shoes £12.99

What are your summer essentials?  

What do you think of the outfit? 

Are the shorts too short?

Do you agree that guys should embrace getting their legs out? 

Let me know what you think in the comment section below. 


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