13 September 2016

My Grooming Routine

I feel like I have let the bearded brotherhood down lately, not to mention myself.

Right at the beginning of my blog, I told myself and my readers that I would be posting something beard related at least once a month, and now, here I am, coming up to my eighth month of no beard related content.

I feel like such a let down.

The thing is though, I never really set out initially to blog about beards, beard grooming and related products, but one of my first posts was about beard oil which went down so well I felt obliged to my readers to carry the theme on.
And it wasn't just the guys that were really positive about this topic area either, I received a really good response from females too - not because they were looking for products for their beards ;) - but they said those types of posts really helped them with gift ideas for partners or gave advice to male family members about how to beard groom properly.

And I'm always happy to help.

So how is my beard I hear you ask?

Well, it's fine thank you and is growing by the day.
It's actually growing all the more ginger by the day too (which is where my little girl gets her flame hair from!) but I have my trusty beard dye to help solve this problem.

About four months ago I had a hair cut and a bread trim and it was my first since I took part in a campaign called Decembeard to raise money for bowel cancer.
The rules during the campaign month of December stated that I wasn't allowed to trim my beard at all and I was cool with that as I prefer the more fuller looking beard anyway.
But when I did have "the trim" the barber took a little too much off of the sides, leaving my beard looking a little too pointy on the chin area and I didn't like it at all.

So to try and compensate and get the shape back that I like I have had a go at not touching it at all again, but when my beard grows it grows with a vengeance and I reached the stage where I simply had to get it under control.

To tame the the fuzz I used all of these...

The Wahl Beard Trim (which has a integrated comb) helped to trim and neaten everything up.

I don't even think this kit is out to buy yet but when it is it will be found in the gift section for men over at Debenhams - I was lucky enough to be asked to give it a good test before it's launch date so it was perfect timing really. 

The kit contains a rechargeable trimmer which runs off of advanced lithium powers and can be used for up to 150 minutes from a full 3 hour charge.
What I like about lithium is that it will work for a good 3 minutes from a 1 minute charge - perfect for that quick 'tash shape. 

Included there is also an adjustable guide comb which gives seven cutting length options ranging from 2mm to 24mm.

It has precision ground blades to give an awesome cutting performance due to it's finer spaced teeth meaning a finer quality of cut.

You also get a cleaning brush, some blade oil and scissors which, I think,  should all be included as standard when you buy a trimmer because they are all needed and are all useful.

The people over at Wahl also chucked in a 10ml bottle of beard oil for me to try too.

Us bearded guys can't get enough of that oil. 

What did I think?
Well, I found the trimmer to be absolutely perfect for me if I'm honest.
It is a really great compact trimmer which has a lot of power behind it and I've used it quite a few times now, both for a major grooming session and then for just a little neaten up and it works equally well for both tasks.

There was no pulling or snagging of hairs - something I've found happens a lot with other trimmers - it cut with ease and precision and made everything effortless. 

It is also really easy to clean and has handy rinse-able blades. 

The sterling beard oil is a nice blend too and has a nice citrusy, fresh scent and isn't too thick either.

It left my beard looking and smelling great.

Now that's the desired shape achieved, next onto sharpening my cheekbone line and removing the excess hairs from around the back of my neck but I don't use any regular shaver for all of this - I use a professional shavette.

This was my first time using anything other than a standard razor.

And the one I used was the MBA Shavette which has been designed similar to a cutthroat razor.

The shavette is a very distinctive stylish razor designed to help save time on the morning grooming routine and is available to buy from Mobile Barbering Academy for only £20.

The shavette is all metal and is weighted too which helps to take weight out of shaving itself.
There is also an additional thumb placement area for when backhand shaving.

It uses disposable razors which are so easy to fit and change when needed and they lock in very secure for the perfect shave.

I'm am really impressed with this shavette and have had to ask myself why I have never used one before - it really was effortless using this and it left me with such a smooth finish and a very nice clean edge to my cheekbone.

Next up Just For Men Mustache And Beard Dye

I've dyed my beard quite a few times now and it's not something I do because I'm vain - it's something I do because I need to do.
It looks so much better without all of the grey and ginger showing through and without the dye I would say it is about 30% ginger or grey!

I always find this product so easy to use and it literally takes about ten minutes to compete the process from start to finish and the results are always amazing.

I have quite a dark beard around the ginger so I personally use the dark brown product but you can get other shades to suit your colouring perfectly.

And if you do ever use this product yourself then please read the instructions - including the bit regarding the allergy test.

Safety first!

So, beard is trimmed, edged to a good shape and now the grey and ginger hairs have gone.

Now its time to add the finishing touches my the amazing wooden comb and oil from Lewis Hill.

The comb is a made from hard wood and is awesome to use, it runs smoothly through my beard and doesn't snag one bit like some plastic combs do.

I use this comb every morning and it is by for one of my favorite beard grooming products.

The oil is organic and comes in a 30ml bottle, is not tested on animals either and it is suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

The oil is made from grape seed, crambe seed and almond oil which give it a nice sweet scent and it feels so good on my beard and gives it a lovely shine.

Both are great products and are reallywell made and definitely make me feel like "The Distinguished Gentleman".

I actually put together a little video of myself using all of these products - please go have a watch to see just how easy they are to use.

And don't forget to subscribe!

Let me know in the comments below if you think the products have made a difference to me from start to finish won't you.

And let me know if you (or your other half) have a similar routine?


I was sent the items for review purposes, all opinions and photos are my own.

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