4 September 2016

All The Gear, No Idea

If you are a return visitor to my blog, then you may have read my post about the battle I have with my addiction to food and then trying to eat healthier - don't worry if you missed it because you can click here to have a read.

Well, in that post I mentioned that I would be writing a post about me and my newly found motivation which has really helped with my fitness and will hopefully help me start to live a much healthier lifestyle and make me feel a lot better about myself.

I've always been an active guy, I've been playing rugby for the last 8 years on and off due to various injuries including a full knee reconstruction.

But about 8 months ago my gym membership ran out and since then I have done nothing and I totally lost all of my motivation.

I picked rugby up again this summer which highlighted just how unfit I really am.

So what was the plan?
No gym membership, no motivation and to be honest not much time.

Well I decided the only option was to get myself out in a morning and get myself out for a run before work.
Bearing in mind though, I start work most mornings at 6:30am, so I began with a little 10 minute jog around the block which I built up to a nice steady run after a week or so and then I found I could even add in a few little sprints.

I was going out around 4 times a week and was starting to feel really quite good, I didn't notice any weight loss though but I felt better which was the main thing.

Normally, with my previous lack of motivation I would have quit after about a week but this time I not only feeling quite good, I was also out and looking quite good whilst I was doing it.

Have you ever heard the saying,

"All the gear, no idea"

Well that was me.

I was looking great and was fully kitted out by New Balance from head to toe.

And to help even more I was able to blast out the tunes in style, without my earphones falling out every two minutes thanks to Motorola and their new bluetooth VerveRider+ .

And if you run a lot then you will know that wearing the correct footwear is essential, not just to look good either, but to aid you and to enhance your performance...but for me...it's mainly to look good!

This lovely looking pair are the New Balance Vazee Pace

The description states that they are red and black but the red fades in to a striking fiery orange which really helps to make these trainers stand out so much.

They are really light weight and are engineered for the relentless need for a faster pace and they also have the RevLite technology which is a cushioned foam in the mid-sole area which wraps around your foot like a second skin helping the trainers feel super comfy when running on all surfaces and helps maintain a good speed.

I've had tonnes of comments on the trainers when I have been out and about too.

Another essential when out running for me is music but finding a good pair of earphones is quite hard.

I've tried them all, from the ones you get free with your phone to my huge Dre Beats and then to a standered pair of Bluetooth ones, but I've had issues with them all. 

They are either really poor quality, are too big and clumpy for running or too small with the wire getting on my nerves with every step.

And then the ear bud fall out mid run, usually when I've reached a good pace, they swing around and then whack me in the face - totally off putting and definitely performance limiting.

But these Motorola VerveRider+ have truly won me over.

They are light weight, they produce perfect HD sound and are so comfy that I've forgotten I've had them in quite a few times now.

Plus, when you've worked up quite a sweat there's no need to worry because these bad boys are waterproof too. 

Even when you are running at a good pace and the bud falls out, u can simply put them to the end of the holder and they magnetise to it, so non of the swinging around whacking you in the face.

  • IP57 Water and Sweat Proof
  • aptX Technology for Rich HD Sound
  • Integrated Microphone
  • Up To 12 Hours Playtime
  • Up To 150 ft Bluetooth Range

It took all of about 10 seconds to sync these up to my phone and they auto connect every time I turn them on - which is brilliant.

I love these so much that I like to keep them on so I can blast out some tunes or just sit and watch YouTube whenever I feel the need

They were a great help on my recent visits to hospital too when I drilled through my wrist and had to have an operation. 

They are brilliant.

And so is this New Balance Max Speed Short Sleeve Top in heaver grey

But before I tell you about it I would just like to say that you will never find a comfier top, it feels really amazing on.
I hate it when a top is really clingy, and fits in some places but not in others but this just seems to flow perfectly over my body.

Which is due to it's 91% polyester and 9% spandex materiel mix (not quite the 100% spandex that Eddie Murphy wore in the Nutty Professor movie when he turned in to Buddy Love but that's how good I felt when I put in on - Buddy Love levels!)

It has a vented hem and the underarm gusset provides a better range of movement which is great if you are an arm swinger when running like me.

Then to go with the top I have the New Balance 7" Shift Shorts In Black

Once again these are a great fitting and really comfy product.

They just hang above the knee which is a little longer than I normally like but I think this is because I am quite a short ass!

They also have a zipped pocket on one side which is perfect for my phone so I can keep it synced up to my earphones.

You my have noticed the bandage on my left arm, well this was me three days after my op you see...

Are you are all feeling sorry for me yet..?

I always feel more confident and comfortable when I think I look good, and am dressed well, and that goes for when I am out and about training too.

Is that the same for you? 

Anyway, so that's my sportswear and accessories covered for the fitness and motivation but I figured,seeing as how my earphones and trainers have a bright orange theme to them I thought it only right that I talked about a healthy snack...with an orange twist to it too...

Well I say snack, this was more like a treat packed full of protein...and full of chocolate too...a win win situation if you ask me.

These are the Premium Lux Protein Flapjack From Body Building Warehouse which are made with toasted oats and real chunks - huge chucks - of white chocolate which really melt in the mouth.

They are reallya great source of protein, containing 20g in each portion.

When you take the first bite they do seem quite dry but then the chocolate melts and they taste fantastic.
I found eating these in a morning took away the mid-morning hunger pangs which would normally see me wanting to eat something really unhealthy. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post - I would love some feedback on the post and comments section below and if you don't already please follow me on my social media networks below.


I was sent the products for a review but all photos and opinions are my own.

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