11 August 2016

Like father like son

Like father, like son: dressing for special occasions 

I’m a big believer in letting my kids choose their own style and sense of self.
What they wear and show to the outside world is hugely important to their development, will massively affect their confidence in later life, and I for one will always be supportive of whatever they want to do, be and wear. 

It just so happens though that my son seems to have a very similar style to me!
As I noted in a recent post on Father’s Day, we always go for comfort above anything else, and wear shorts wherever we can but when it comes to dressing up though, this can pose certain problems. 

With it being summer and with more evenings out and parties on the horizon, I thought I’d write today’s post on dressing for those special occasions, and how to match up with your son – enjoy! 

Suited and booted 

The obvious place to start is with a need for a suit. As you’ll no doubt have noted from many of my recent fashion posts, I’ve been giving my collection of suits a bit of a boost recently but summer calls for something a little different though.
This will probably come in handy for all those August weddings your wife will drag you to, in which case you’ll need something lightweight for the hotter weather, as well as affordable as you’ll be needing something more hardwearing for everyday use. 

Jacamo do a fantastic selection of men’s suits, with a variety of colours, patterns and prices.
Even for your son, you’d be surprised how many brands tailor (pun intended) to the smaller frame, and you can find some incredibly smart suits right here, from pinstripe to cobalt blue. 

Getting shirty 

Are you going away for the summer this year?
Whether you’re heading to an exotic island somewhere, or just next door for a neighbour’s barbecue, picking up a few smart-casual shirts will save you a lot of trouble.

Smart-casual has always annoyed me as a term because it’s confusing - how do you balance the two?
These days though, it’s easy. I think both my son and I will be pairing a smart checked shirt with some khaki shorts and hey presto - we have solved our smart-casual conundrum. 

Shirts typically have quite boring patterns though and you’ll need something thinner in terms of material too.
Again though, Jacamo has a great variety of patterned men’s shirts so you can pick something that fits your style and they really give a versatile look.
My boy agrees with me which is why I’m sure he’ll be picking one of these.

casual shirts too.

Then, all you need are some matching shades and flip-flops and the two of you are ready to hit the streets. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post on matching outfits with your son.

Will any of you dads be trying this out?

I’d love to hear from you so please leave me a comment and tell me your story.


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