2 August 2016

In Barber's We Trust

Over the last few weeks I have become a bit of a slob if I'm honest, I just can't get motivated to do anything, and I really do mean anything.

I have been so quiet on the blog and even on social media recently - I've found myself looking down my Twitter feed and finding things I would usually interact with but have just closed the app down instead. 

Clothes wise it's just been my work uniform then a quick t-shirt an shorts change on an evening.
I have so many great outfit posts that I need to do but at the moment I just honestly don't feel up to it.

My personal appearance has gone down hill, my skincare routine is non existent and my beard and hair is just all over the place.

It's not good and I haven't felt like this for a long time, the last time was a few years go actually and that phase lasted a lot longer than two weeks - I only sorted myself out when my wife had to have a word and tell me I looked really scruffy.

And I did.

I'm not sure why I've slipped back though, maybe it's because I'm in such a comfortable position with my life at the moment with my little happy family that I just forget to do stuff.

I don't know if it's because I'm happily married and I think maybe I don't need to look after myself to impress anyone anymore...but this got me thinking - I do want to impress someone.

I want to impress my wife and I should make sure I'm dressed well when I'm with her and I should make sure my 34 year old skin is looking clean and fresh all the time.
I should put on that fragrance that she likes and I should visit the barbers more often than I do to keep my hair and beard looking nice for her.

You'd be amazed at the difference one trip to the barbers can do for my appearance.

I really need to sort my self out.

If you've read my blog before then you may have seen my post focusing on the barbers I go to in Leeds called King Koby - and if you haven't then don't worry you can find the post here.

It's so important to have a barber you can trust and have a good relationship with with and I think the place you get your hair cut should be a happy, relaxing place.
Not relaxing as in some mystical room with sounds of the ocean playing in the background, it should be a place that's suits your personality and a place where you can feel at home.

King Koby is totally my sort of place - it has a good mix or music blasting out and all the barbers look cool as (insert swear word).
Everyone is dancing around, singing, rapping and sometimes totally moshing out.

It's like a hair cut and night out rolled into one.

And not only do they giving me the freshest trim they also know how to look after my beard too.
I can really just sit back, relax and enjoy my time there.

For me it's all about trust - you need to trust the person cutting your hair.

Britain’s relationship with ‘the barber’ goes back centuries; from the Latin word ‘barba’ meaning beard, the Barber is steeped in history.

Today, the Barber remains an iconic, treasured part of our high streets. Research* commissioned by Just for Men reveals a unique insight into how British men spend their Man Time and the distinctive relationship they have with their Barber.

There is a huge emphasis on trust for Barbers across all age groups of British men; 63% of men trust their Barber and 81% of men would recommend their Barber to a friend.

British men make an effort to stay loyal and stick with the same Barber; over half (51%) of guys have been visiting their Barber for over 3 years, with 15% visiting the same barber for more than 10 years!
In a bid to remain loyal, 24% of men would go without a trim if their Barber was on holiday, while 44% would travel to get to their favourite Barbers if they moved house.

Visiting the Barber is about much more than a quick trim, 35% of guys are on first name terms with their Barber and 38% of men consider their Barber as a friend; this goes up to almost half (48%) for men aged 25 to 30. 

What’s more, men are opening up and confiding in their Barbers, half of 25-30 year olds would share stories or secrets normally only reserved for family or close friends.
In fact, a significant proportion of this age group (40%) would take their Barber’s advice over that of a friend or family member on personal matters.

While football (49%) and holidays (47%) are the most popular subjects, banter covers a range of topics from work, family life, social issues and even politics plus a healthy dose of amusing anecdotes (31%).

The Barber is often relied upon as a source of information and advice. When it comes to styling their hair, 44% of guys would give their Barber free rein and almost half of the men surveyed (46%) would be more likely to colour their grey hair if recommended by their Barber. As for advice, men are more comfortable speaking to their Barber than anyone else about covering grey hair (22%), hair thinning (22%) and facial hair styling (16%).

As well as entrusting their Barber with looking after their personal styling, British men are looking for Barbers to have a good sense of humour (57%), be great to banter with (41%) and to remember what they like (52%).

When it comes to the dream Barbershop, Just for Men’s research has revealed that British men would be keen to see their Barbershop experience enhanced further with Wi-Fi (58%), sports on TV (53%), beers (40%) and movies (36%). 

So it’s official, British men love the Barbers, a haven to enjoy some much needed Man Time and source of trusted style advice, as well as great banter of course.


this post is in collaboration with Just For Men

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