21 July 2016

Panasonic SC-RB5 Review

Have you ever just sat back, cranked up the tunes and forgot about all the worries of the world?

Have you ever just thought to yourself  'I fancy having a dance' and turned on some music, cranked the volume up to the max and thrown out a few moves and shapes?

Do you think music is important?
Do you think the music you have grown up listening to has played a part in who you are today?

I know I have certainly answered "Yes" to those top two questions many times and I think the music I listened to when I was younger certainly shaped who I am today massively, and here's why.

I think I had a quite good up bringing, and was introduced to various, very different music types from an early age - my mum was a massive reggae fan and she loved UB40 whilst my dad on the other hand was a massive rock fan - he always had Kiss, Iron Maiden or The Who blasting out.

But what brought both of their tastes together was a huge shared love of Queen and lets face it, no matter what type of music you listen to I'm sure you'll know a lot of the words to a few Queen songs.

As I got older I already had a good understanding of music but I was drawn to one type - Rap.

I was that one white kid who walked around with a baseball cap on, really baggie jeans with a few home made bullet holes in them, rapping along to the likes of Eminem, 2pac, Snow "Informer, lick ya bum bum down".

And do you know what - I totally fit in within the neighborhood that I lived in - it was a very mixed cultural area and I had so many friends from all over the world living close by.

We all had the same music taste and a lot of our time out of school was spent at my house, chilling out and listening to new music.
A lot was taped from the radio or recorded from Yo MTV Raps on the trusty old VHS.

It was always my house too because I had the most lenient parents by far with the best sound system and if you're going to blast out music you may as well do it in style and make sure the guys living at the bottom of the street could enjoy it too.

They had no choice really, I had two of the biggest speakers you could possibly imagine, part of the reason my bedroom was in the attic.

So back to now - I have just had my 34th birthday but I am still that same kid with the baseball cap.
I tend to not wear the baggie jeans anymore but I'm still listening to Rap.

I've found that I'm actually living my life now as my parents did when I was young - me and the wife listen to a whole heap of different music and now my my son is ten he is starting to find his own preferences too - at the moment it is DubStep and we often catch him singing along to his favorite tracks from his IPad.

He loves listening to all his favorite WWE wrestlers intro music too which is a real mixed bunch of rock, rap, country, and so much more.
I don't think there is a day that goes by where he hasn't listened to some sort of music and it's really nice to see because it reminds me so much of myself at that age.

Naturally, with music being so important to us, when I was asked if I would review the Panasonic SC-RB5 Wireless Speaker System I thought there would be no-one better to judge it than my son.

The speaker is connected via bluetooth but won't be like any you have used before.
You know the ones, those that go a little crackly when the volume is cranked up a little too high because the speakers can't handle the power.

But with this you don't need to worry about that because this clever device actually transforms the object or surface it is sat on into the actual speaker.

It's brilliant and really loud - I've tried it on my van bonnet, the kitchen table, our bath tub, my living room window and each one produces a different level of sound.

This works because the sound is amplified using vibrations so if the surface is able to vibrate more the sound will projects more - it's really clever and is called "Resonance Bass" technology.

So that was me testing it, now it was time for my son, "The Expert" to have a try.

All I did was give it to him and told him that it needs to sync up to his IPad through Bluetooth and that I wanted him to play with it to see where he thought it worked best and then tell me what he thought.

Once he had a look, he came to see me and said that it took 20 seconds to sync up and he was pleased with it (he has no patience).
He tried it on a few surfaces, some which he didn't think worked too well and others which worked extremely well - I knew about this anyway because I had to tell him to turn it down a few times - we didn't want his 9 month old sister waking up, wanting to join in with the dancing...mum and dad didn't fancy being up all night with a giddy baby that's for sure.

The place he found that projected the best sound was on his desk which is also joined to his bed - the vibrations on the large flat desk combined with the enclosed space (his bed is on top) made the sound really blast out.

He is very impressed with it and has decided the speaker is now his and is staying is his bedroom.

The speaker has a bluetooth range of around 10 meters depending on any obstacles or interference.
It comes with a USB charging cable and has aux in and audio out ports.
The volume boost icons light up blue when the speaker is turned on too which look really nice and there is a blue band of light which flashes all around the speaker when the music is playing.
It has a battery life of 12 hours making it perfect for taking with you on days out.

The speaker is definitely a must for garden parties, and the rule is, who ever has the best playlist on their phone gets to sync up first. 


I was sent the product for review,all opinions and pictures are my own

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