8 June 2016

Zeos Skincare For Men

It seems as though its been an eternity since I last wrote a post focusing on male grooming, in fact I think it has actually been near on a year now.

Wow - has it really been so long since I had a wash...

 I'm just joking but I bet you've got a picture in your head of me looking all filthy with a massive over grown head of hair and a scruffy looking beard now don't you.

Well I'm sorry to disappoint - just because I haven't been blogging about all things grooming it doesn't mean that I haven't been looking after myself and using my grooming products. 

In fact it is totally the opposite, I've been using more products than ever and my beard and hair are looking mighty fine too I must say, but I'm not here today to talk about hair or beard products, today is all about the skincare!

If you've read any of my past posts about skincare then you will know it is kind of a sore subject with me because depending on what I use my skin it, sometimes start to play up which is why when I was growing up I only ever washed my face with water.

Just before Christmas the lovely people from Zeos For Men sent me over a box full of goodies from their skincare range to try out on my sensitive skin.

But before we look t the products, let me first tell you a little about about Zeos.

Well I will actually let Zeos tell you all about what they do - I don't think I could word it better myself...

Back in 2014, ZEOS® started a revolution in hassle-free male grooming – helping to reveal the man inside. Our innovative warm waxing kit has helped men – and those who appreciate them – across the UK to enjoy taut, fuzz-free skin for weeks, achieved in the comfort of their own home with a professional salon finish at a fraction of the cost. While the guys out there just couldn’t get enough of our kit, we spent the year exploring where to go next with our ethos of giving men the right products, designed for them and containing the stuff they need to feel better, look better and play better.
We have pushed forward with our ethos of giving men exactly the right products, designed for them and containing everything they need to feel better, look better and play better and the grooming revolution continues with QU3 – our new first line urban defence system for the male face and body. This is a pared-down, stunningly fuss-free range that is powered by a high tech blend of Resistem™ with natural vitamins E and B5, in sharp, contemporary packaging.- The Award winning ZEOS® QU3 range with Resistem™ Helping you to take on the city
The products I received were from the QU3 Range - skincare technology for urban living and the range consists of four products

Face and Body Moisturiser

Face Scrub and Face Wash

Hair and Body Shower Gel

When I initially began using the products I was in a great place - my daughter had just been born, I was feeling super motivated about my health and was hitting the gym most days which helped me feel brilliant - I was starting to see changes in my body shape, my legs were becoming more toned and I even noticed a little weight loss.

It was the first time in years that I had felt really good about myself. 

The gym sessions I was doing were quite intense and it's safe to say that my body was really taking a beating.

However because I had these four grooming products in my gym bag I made sure that after each session I spent a good 20 minutes grooming my self which really helped and improved my mood more. 

With each gym session I would have sweat dripping off of me from everywhere and I'm sure you know yourself, if you don't wash correctly after doing anything like this then your skin will really suffer.

I found my face, arms and legs would become really dry so the body moisturiser is a must.

I didn't use the face scrub everyday, it was more to be used a few times a week because it was really quite harsh - which I suppose is a good thing on one hand yet on the other, my sensitive skin wouldn't have thanked me if I went overboard with this.

I found the scrub to have a really nice aroma and it left my face feeling fresh and it most definitely stripped away all the muck and grease that built up after a tough day at work.

It's a great exfoliating product and was great at removing dead skin and hydrating my face with the added shea butter it has within.

I used this face wash twice a day, once in a morning, either before before the gym or at the gym after a workout.

I liked how this product helped to "de-zombify"myself in a morning - it was a great kind of a morning pick me up.

We've all seen the adverts where people are washing their faces and it cuts to a massive wave which smashes against someones face to symbolise it's freshness and this is what this product is like.

With natural vitamins E and B5 included it really helps the face feel regenerated and leaves it with a real natural, fresh glow.

Like I said above, I have been going to the gym quite a lot so the hair and body shower gel didn't last too long because I used it in record time, it really is that amazing.

Another factor in how it went so fast is that my gym buddies - the ones that laugh at my stack of products - borrowed this from me once and then again every day after.

Just like the face scrub and wash it is totally refreshing on the body, I didn't wash my head with it because if I don't use the correct shampoo I can get a lot of dandruff, but I did use it to wash my beard and it was fine and left it feeling very soft, which is  must.

Now last but not least let me tell you about the face and body moistriser.
It too contains shea butter which left my skin feeling really soft and hydrated - I can get dry patches on my arms after a gym session but not after using this moisturiser,

All four of the products work great together and I would definitely recommend them.
I have used every last drop of all four of these and I will definitely be getting some more when I have reviewed the big stack of skincare products still sitting behind my bed... not a bad problem to have right?

I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you're looking to get yourself or your partner some skincare products then I strongly recommend the Zeos range.


I was sent the products for my honest review.


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