29 June 2016

Getting The Garden Summer Ready

A couple of weeks ago the weather we were having was amazing.

The sun was out when I got up each morning at 5.30am, and it carried on shining all day right up until about 10pm, it was so good that it spurred me on and I couldn't wait to finish work to got out in the garden.

I've been trying to get it looking really nice for a while now so we can all sit out in it and enjoy the sun.

Over the last few years I haven't really 9lly done much in it to be honest and my decking was starting to fall apart, my grass was on it's last legs and looked a bit like Homer Simpson's head of hair.
There was a big pile of junk sat waiting to be scrapped in the top corner and the fence around the garden boundary was so rickety and full of gaps it offered no privacy at all it was just ready to fall down.

Having no garden storage meant that the usual garden essentials had found home in the small garden playhouse too - a place Willow would love to play when she's a little older.

I had to take action and get it sorted. 

So I spent three weeks digging up the old grass, turning over the soil and laying new turf.
I re-built the fence making it look better and stops people gawping in.

I got rid of all of the junk and even built a massive garden shed - from scratch - which was quite a big job but I managed it, with a bit of help from my ten year old son that is.

It was really nice spending quality time with him, teaching him about different tools and what is used for what job...he got bored halfway through as usual and went off to shoot some hoops but he was soon back over offering a hand if I asked.

The garden was starting to look perfect and my new lawn was growing really well, it really makes me want to enjoy spending time relaxing in it feet up on the deck chair with a bottle of beer.

I think the main reason to get the garden looking better was to allow us to have lovely BBQ teas.
Every year we talk about having them but we never do but this year there is nothing stopping us and I have seen the perfect BBQ -  it's only a small one but it's really quite quirky and will fit in with my family perfectly.

It's the Grill Sergeant from Paladone and I can just picture the scene now - some juicy steaks cooking away whist the kids are having fun splashing around in the padding pool.

We may even be able to invite some family round now that we are no longer embarrassed about having a scruffy garden - have ourselves a little party.

I'm not sure the new next door neighbours will be happy about the music blasting out of the waterproof speakers but they'll live.
I did have a normal bluetooth speaker set but it got soaked after a water fight got a bit out of hand and didn't make it.

And now I've finished the back garden and made it all family-ready I know I will have to get the front garden looking just as nice.

I don't know what it is about gardening bit it's quite relaxing, yes, it's really hard work but there is no better feeling than just sitting in the garden chair, watching Willow in her ball pool and Charlie practicing wrestling moves with his inflatable John Cena figure knowing they are enjoying the work I've put in. 

What are your summer plans at home? 

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