17 June 2016

Dads Duties

Just to give you a heads up guys, in this post I'm talking about doing my Dad Duties.
I know I don't blog much about that part of my life but it is my number one priority and I think it's about time I wrote a post about it all.

Saying that I'm not actually going to talk about my kids that much, because I want to talk, a little bit more, about me.
I mentioned in one of my latest posts that I don't really have much free time to blog anymore due to my family expanding and having to work long hours.

And that's still the case.

But what exactly are my "Dad Duties"?

Well as you know, I'm a married man and my wife is still on maternity leave right now so she spends all day with our beautiful daughter and is now able to take Charlie to and from school.

Willow is now eight months old and is a super active baby, so the "every mans dream" of coming home to a spotless house and tea on the table is not something that happens very often.
Don't get me wrong I don't mean that my house is a tip, I just mean stuff like the washing, ironing, polishing and vacuuming aren't always done.

But Willow is very time demanding right now and wants attention all the time - she doesn't give the wife a minutes rest in the day,only maybe when she naps.

And these naps are around two to three times a day but will last at a maximum around twenty minutes which isn't any time at all really is it to fit things in to.

So this is where my Dad Duties come in to play.

When I get home from work I make sure I try to sort out things that may need doing which is usually the hoovering.

As Willow is so active but can't yet crawl - we think she will be before the month is out - she tends to get from A to B by rolling around and doing a little shuffle about with her head on the floor.

I like to give the room carpet a quick once over so I know that Willow can carry on with her army rolls without a stray piece of fluff ending up in her mouth.

We have two cats too you see and at the moment Willow does spend a lot of time on the living room carpet so that really needs to be spotless.

Does my vac do the job though?
Does it really pick all of the dirt, dust and hairs off of the carpet?

I know the silly vac I used to use had a tendency to spits stuff back out when the filter was a little full,  which meant constantly having to change and empty it.

We still do need to invest in a new, reliable one though.
One which has good reliable suction because once Willow does start crawling, the carpet will have to be extra clean all of the time.

Something like the Karcher Tough Vac sounds good - it seems to be a brilliant multi-purpose vac and would definitely lift all of the unwanted things from my carpet...in fact take a look for yourself in the video below


This is a sponsored post but all words and opinions are my own

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