25 May 2016

The time keeper

You may already know but I have actually been "a blogger" now for just over a year and four months.

In that time you would have thought that I would have become organised in some way wouldn't you and have some sort of "blog routine" going.

Maybe using a blog schedule or a note book with dates and plan's of posts that need writing up.

Well no.  I haven't.
And to be honest I even think I may be a little more unorganised than I was before.

You see the thing is I work full time driving around the country doing a very manual job and I obviously have no access to any sort of computer throughout the day - not that I would have any time to turn one on and write a post even if I did.

A typical weekday for me looks a little bit like this -

My alarm goes off at around 5.30 but the chances are I will already be up depending on how Willow has slept - she usually wakes up around this time, raring to stat her day - my wife usually gets up with her to sort her out but I normally get up and make her a bottle and then will get back into bed for a bit until my alarm goes off.

Then it's time for a quick wash and spruce up before I go down and give the kitchen a quick once over, sort out the cats and make myself and the wife a much needed brew.

Then off I go, possibly (usually) starting the day with a good hour to a two hour drive to my first job and then the drive-work-drive pattern continues throughout the day to about 5pm when I may be finished for the day
(but then again I may not - it all depends really)

Then it's home to take on the Dad Duties which include taking my son rugby training a few times a week, helping him with his homework and having a little time with both him and Willow before their bedtimes.

And then - only when the night chores are finished - bottles, dishwasher, eating tea - is it time to sit down and blog.
It's so easy to see why I really can't be arsed getting the laptop out and begin to write stuff isn't it.

Some days I do push on though because if I didn't then I wouldn't have any posts at all, but that just means being up until really early in the morning...which isn't great...especially when I'm up again at half five to start all over again.

But I really do  love writing and I am in no way going to even think about quitting, I'll just have to keep telling myself that this is a hobby and if I can't do a post then that's OK.
If I'm honest with the brands and people I work with that it's unlikely I'll be getting a post out in super fast time I guess that's all I can do.

Anyway, less of the moan, it just seems easier to order in my head if I write it down in a post.

Anyway, time and my lack of it has been the main feature of this post so far, so lets not change the theme.

It seems quite fitting that I actually want to tell you about an amazing time piece I was sent to review by the brilliant people at Joshua James Jewellery.

You would think with a new watch I would be better at keeping track of time wouldn't you, but agian, nope you would be wrong - but what does that matter - I sure do look good wearing it.

So what watch is it - well it's the all black Barbour International Halsted Watch.

The Halsted is a stealthy men's watch from the moto-inspired collection. It has a really modern and dynamic look to it with a cool black leather strap which is slightly padded in sections making it really comfortable to wear.
The body is made from with a black stainless steel casing, coated in scratch-resistant IP plating.

The face of the watch looks quite plain but this is perfect for me and I wouldn't want it to be any different.
The yellow detail around the date window and on the second hand contrast well against the black face helping add detail.

I'm not a massive fan of metal straps on watches, I find that they tend to irritate my skin and always pull my arm hairs out so I usually go for one with a leather strap, which is also perfect for when I wear it for work.

I also love the fact that the plainness of the watch means that is goes really with most of my outfit choices, whether I'm wearing something sporty, casual, or even something really smart, the watch doesn't look out of place at all.

Joshua James have a huge selection of watches for both males and females and from a whole host of brands - I would strongly recommended you checking them out.


I was sent the watch for a review, all photos and opinions are my own.

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