18 March 2016

Smart Occasion With Burton's Menswear

I know what you're thinking, "Carl, how many suits do you actually own?"

Well I have to say it's actually about six now, and I'm planning on getting many more too.

When I started on this blogging path a little over a year ago I spoke quite a lot about how I wanted to start to smarten up my image and I have to say I think I'm well on the way to being successful.

I know I've mentioned this in quite a few posts but I really do feel so much more confident in myself these days and when I wear a nice, smart suit this is maximized.

And well, with the warmer weather approaching, wedding season will be upon us in no time, meaning that suits - high end, well tailored suits - will be very much in demand.

But finding that all important suit, he one that is "just right" is sometimes really quite difficult.
However I don't think I'll be struggling in this area because those brilliant people at Burton's Menswear invited me to be involved in their  #SmartOccasions campaign which meant they sent me this amazing three piece suit...

If anybody wants to invite me to a wedding this year then can you please arrange your colour scheme around the colour of my suit - I'm all sorted now you see and I really wouldn't want to clash, taking any of the all important attention away from the groom...

So, let me tell you a little bit about it - I won't go into too much detail though because a picture paints a thousand words after all...and I have a fair few of those to share.

The suit is quite a slim fitting style in a subtle yet striking light grey colour.
The three piece detail is brought right up to date by the sleek, stylish cut giving it all a really modern feel but still keeping with the very elegant and timeless feel.

The material is very comfortable and light - perfect for a Summer wedding.

To add a little bit of detail, I decided to team the suit with a dark grey tie and a matching pocket square which I feel just adds a little bit of an edge to the whole look and finishes it off perfectly.

And then to top off any fabulous outfit you have to have an amazing pair of shoes and anybody that knows me will know that I like my shoes and actually now own some fairly amazing ones.

These tan leather formal shoes complement the suit perfectly.

I actually loved wearing this suit - even on a not very warm morning in Yorkshire.

I felt comfortable, at ease and not at all stuffy in the slightest - what else do you need dressing for a formal occasion...

And the only place to go, on a day like this was to the very beautiful, slightly rustic-photograph-creating Shibden Hall to take some snaps - let me know what you think.


This post was in collabration with Burton's Menswear, all photos and opinions are my own 

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