21 March 2016

Pizza at The Potting Shed

This might be the silliest question ever, but, who likes pizza? 

Well I bloody love the stuff and could honestly eat it every day.
Pizzas are definitely my go to meal when I'm at home and nothing has been put on for tea, I simply go to the freezer and pop one in the oven.
Or even better, I ring the local takeaway, who may actually know me on first name terms.

And I'm not very fussy about which one to order either, I just want one with as many toppings on possible so I normally go for a meat feast, with added spice, but if I'm sharing with my son I'll be nice and only get the spice on one side. 

So what's your favorite topping?
And what's the strangest thing you've ever had on a pizza?
Mine was an egg simply because I saw it on a cookery programme when I was younger and just wanted to try it.

So yes, as you can tell. I like pizza a lot. 

You can probably imagine then just how excited I was when I received an invite to go to the Potting Shed in Bingley which is only about twenty minutes away from house.

One Sunday afternoon around two months ago, (yep that's right two months ago, slap my hands, there's a bad blogger in the house, but I've been so busy with the new baby and working long days, plus all the rugby packed weekends with my son, but it's here now) we headed over to Bingley.

Myself, my wife, son and little baby Willow all went to enjoy a lovely afternoon out.
Three of us love pizza and the other, well, she only loves milk right now, but I'm sure that will change one day.

The place was quite busy when we arrived and we had a slight panic at how we were going to find a table because we had the pram with us but we spoke to the manager and he sat us at the back of the place which had a bit of room to park the pram. 

Our table was this quite cool up-cycled door covered with a sheet of perspect, it was really striking really and certainly gave us something to talk about...my son asked a million questions about how it was made, why it was used etc.

The Potting Shed had a really cool feel to it and a great atmosphere, I'm not actually a fan of quiet, sit down meals so this place suited me perfectly. 

So ther I was, out with my little family, the Potting Shed was lively, the menu looked great, but what else could I ask for...well live football was on whilst I ate. 


Our seats at the back of the venue looked out over the amazing beer garden and I could certainly visualise being back there on a hot Summer's day.

Mixed fruit cider and a BBQ...yes please

Now let's get on to the the most important bit, the food,

Like I said it was a while ago that I attended and it was actually National Pizza Week so I thought it would be rude if I didn't order a pizza.

I decided to go for the Meat Feast, my son picked his favourite, the Pepperoni pizza and my wife chose a healthier option of the roast chicken kebab.

We also got a side of sweat potato fries - standard procedure when our son is with us - he loves them.

My wife told me that the kebab was amazing, the chicken was succulent and and the vegetables were roasted to perfection, you can see from the photos how amazing it looked.

I can tell you how nice my son's Americano was too, because I helped him finish it.

It was cooked to perfection and packed with cheese and pepperoni.

My meat feast was amazing and it had the biggest chunks of chicken on it which I could only describe as being like Sunday dinner chicken in taste - I didn't leave a single crumb on my plate. 

My son described the sweet potato fries as the best he's ever had, which he politely told the manager too, he even wanted me to order some to take home with us.

I would strongly recommend you take a visit to the Potting Shed if you ever are passing through Bingly, not only does it serve great food but the place is amazing and the staff are equally as nice. 

Great food, great staff, great setting, live sports, kid friendly, pool tables, and plenty of beer. 

It gets a big thumbs up from me.


I was asked to attend to review, all pictures and opinions are my own 

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