21 March 2016

New technology for blog progression

When I first started blogging, about a year ago, I remember joining a Twitter blogger chat and one of the questions asked was about blogger work space, or where the main area is that you do your blogging.

I recall there being a good mixture of answers and a few people sent in photos of their blogging areas, some sent photos of lovely little rooms with a desk and room for a PC, book shelf and more, whilst others sent pictures in of just a laptop on their knees sat on the sofa in front of the TV.

I was one of the people with my laptop on my knee - my house isn't big enough for any sort of a desk set up unfortunately.
If I'm honest, my house isn't even big enough for us, especially now that we have a five month old baby alongside our ten year old son.

But I would really love to have a spare room one day complete with a fancy desk and an even fancier PC so I could do all things blog wise - maybe even put a little bit more into my YouTube channel.
Plus my son is always talking about wanting a place where he can do his own YouTube videos now, ones where he can play and record his favourite games, like Minecraft.

I've got this vision in my head what I would want it to look like as well, all white complete with a white desk, white wooden shelves and some really colourful plants potted around.
It would be such a relaxing space and, most importantly, it would be such a nice space to take blogging photographs.

But at the moment this is just a dream but who knows what can happen in the future.

At the moment I'm just sat on the sofa, laptop on my knee and that's fine with me, well, apart from my actual laptop being so out dated and running at speeds slower than a turtle...but I shouldn't grumble, it does the job but I'm definitely on the look out for a new one, possibly from the new Dell XPS range.
The XPS laptops are designed to be some of the best with the highest resolution displays and exceptional build.  They also contain unique material and really powerful features and these sound a whole lot better than the prehistoric thing I'm using now to type up this post. 

To be honest I am a little bit embarrassed of mine, I certainly wouldn't be taking it out of the house that's for sure, which is a real shame because I love to spend my dinner breaks at little coffee shops and I think it would be a perfect time for me to get a little bit of blogging done through the day, making use of the free WiFi on offer.

A total missed opportunity due to my lack of technological advances.


 ‘this post is in collaboration with Del' but all views are my own


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