3 February 2016

My Favourite TV Programmes

So what were you favourite TV programmes of 2015?
Are there any you  are looking forward to getting into during 2016?

Watching TV is a fairly normal, everyday thing in my household.

After a long day at work, after we have put the kids to bed, me and the wife love nothing better than switching on the wide screen TV, sitting down and relaxing with a cuppa - one that is usually made by me!

We love to spend a bit of time catching up on our favourite programmes and having a few moments to do nothing but relax.

OK, its not the most romantic thing in the world but we enjoy it and it's nice to have a bit of us time, with a brew in hand and, depending if any of us are on a diet, munching through a couple of biscuits...

These are such simple things but they make us happy.

But we don't always have that much time to "indulge" - hardly surprising with two children - my Virgin box has a crammed 90% full memory there's so much waiting for us to catch up on.
There's also a load of rubbish sat in there too - I mean who wants to watch "Don't Tell The Bride"...

Oh and then we have Netflix too - something else packed out with amazing programmes. 

But that's OK, I mean we are parents and we don't often venture out much, so we didn't mind paying a bit extra for our TV - it gets a fair bit of use, so what the hell, might as well treat ourselves.

And we really did - we watched so many great programmes in 2015, some new, some old and some which are going to see us well into 2016.

So, what have I been watching I hear you ask?

Well, last year my favourite programme by far was "Fringe"

I know it's quite an old show now, I think the first series first hit our screens in 2008.

 It's amazing and is a it weird - I can't possibly begin to explain it all but to cut a long story short an FBI agent is forced to work with am institutionalised scientist and his son in order to rationalise a massive storm of crazy, unexplained phenomena.

You can find the full series ready to stream on IMDb and if you do ever watch it, or have already, I would love to know what you think.

Two of my other top programmes of 2015 had to be "Arrow" and "The Flash" - both amazing and both carrying on through 2016.

And here are a few things that will be new to our screens in 2016 which I am really looking forward to watching:


If you are a fan (like I am) of Jenna Coleman who, until recently was taking trips out in the Tardis, then this program will be for you.

I can't wait to see her in a totally different role.

DC Legends Of Tomorrow

This is another spin off of Arrow and The Flash series which features some more superheroes and villains which you may recognise.

I'm also looking forward to taking a trip back to the future by watching the comeback episodes of the amazing "X Files" - it starts this week too and I think I'll be looking through the Amazon store to pick up a few of the old series to recap a little.

I hope you have enjoyed this post.

I would love to know what programmes you've been watching and what you are looking forward to watching.

Please feel free to let me know in the comments section below too.


This is a sponsored post but all view and opinions are my own.

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