9 February 2016

Feeling great in jacamo

A couple of weeks ago I posted on the blog a post asking if you feel more confident if you are dressed well, which also led me to express how it is that I like to dress smart when I attend places, especially blogging events.

Just before Christmas I was invited along, with my blogger wife Simone, to an event in Leeds which was organised by Rhianna - the XmasBloggerMeet
It was a fantastic event and was held at the Black Swan on Call Lane in Leeds.
I met loads of new blogger friends and also got to catch up with some of the lovely Leeds girls I have met before.
I know lot of bloggers get nervous when going to events like this and sometimes they won't attend at all for this reason.
I do suffer with the nerves myself, but like I stated in my earlier post, if I feel comfortable and feel I look the part then I feel a lot more confident and the nerves don't bother me so much.

Even though I don't think I look big, I'm 15 stone and for someone of my height and age this is actually classed as overweight.
When I wear the right clothes though, ones which fit the areas properly that are a little larger than others (like my backside, calfs, thighs and belly) I feel good.

A lot of the clothes I try on in the high street stores struggle to accommodate these areas but fit perfectly in others - and this is why I do a lot of online shopping, in particular, at Jacamo.

I remember when Jacamo used to be perceived as "providing clothes for fat men" which is hardly the case, they cater for all body shapes, tall, short, wide or stick thin and everything else in between.

In fact, you could have really short length legs but long arms with a size 14 wide-fit foot and you could still find a perfect outfit at Jacamo.

So, let me talk you through the outfit I wore to the blogger meet - it was stylish, comfortable and was very fashionable, and was all from Jacamo.

First up a nice pair of black skinny jeans, these are a staple in every guys wardrobe these days, well, I think they should be anyway.

This pair is perfect for my leg size because the material has a bit of stretch in it so they don't make me feel uncomfortable when moving.

Next up to accompany the jeans are these brown boots which not only look good but are super comfy too.

These mid-high, lace-up boots offer a great casual look but are very versatile and are perfect for these colder months.

I have quite wide feet too so these were perfect and even wearing an extra pair of socks to keep my feet nice and warm the fit was fine.

So that's pants and footwear done, now let me tell you about the top half, the focal point to my outfit.

This long-sleeved checked shirt goes perfect with the black jeans.

Check shirts became quite popular again in 2015 and is a trend I'm sure will continue to be popular way into 2016 too.

But if not, I'm not really a trend follower anyway, I like this shirt and I'll certainly keep on wearing it.

Now, onto the item of clothing I like the most, and the thing which gets the most compliments.

This quilted jacket.

It is a real classic and has a bit of a country feel to it.
It's not the thickest jacket in the world but this means it can been worn indoors and won't make you feel too warm.

The brown leather zip pull matches the brown in the boots too.

I've worn this jacket on a few occasions now and I always get asked where it's from and when I tell them its from Jacamo people seem really shocked.

Jacamo is definitely underrated but is one of my go to places to purchase new clothes.

I hope you enjoyed this post and liked my outfit choice.

Is it something you could see yourself (or a partner) wearing?

If so, let me know in the comments section below and don't forget to take a visit to Jacamo I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised at what's available.

If it's a good enough brand for Mr Flintoff then it's definitely worth a look.


This post was in collaboration with jacamo, all items were gifted for review but all photos and opinions are my own.


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