22 February 2016

DeadMode - An Independent clothing label

When I started blogging a year ago I talked about my love for independent clothing labels quite a lot in my posts, and I put together a few features which introduced a few cool brands to my readers.

As the year went on and my blog began to get quite busy I unfortunately didn't get a chance to search out many more independent labels which I'm kind of gutted about because they are a big passion of mine, in fact it's my only regret blog wise.

Growing up I always wanted to be a little bit different from my friends and found the best way to do this was by wearing something which wasn't popular at the time.
All my mates were wearing Topman, River Island and all of the other high street brands which, don't get me wrong I used to like too, but sometimes breaking the trend just had to be done.
I often took my self down to my local TKMax to search through the sale section looking for the trend breaking bargains I could find and I always came away with an amazing t-shirt or jumper that would stand out a mile and I knew no one else would have.

So 2016 is a whole new year and it's my aim to bring to you some more very exciting clothing labels!

I think these labels are a big part of the fashion world and I think a lot more people should check them out.

First up I would like to introduce to you Deadmode.

Deadmode are not a massive label - yet - but nevertheless they have some great quirky and very stylish items for sale.

Deadmode are an Indie themed clothing label and reside in Sheffield in South Yorkshire.
They are a newbie clothing label and were only formed in 2015.

 I was lucky enough to have had two t-shirts sent over by them, both with quite simple designs, but which definitely stand out!

And being a Yorkshire lad myself Deadmode get a big thumbs up from me already!

What I like about the t-shirts is that they go with any outfit - you could wear them to the gym with shorts or joggers, yet they go perfect with a nice pairs of jeans if you are wanting to go for the casual look,

I have to admit though, I personally won't wear them to the gym though because I don't want to get them all sweaty, they are too good for that.

T-shirts have got to be a staple in most men's - and possibly women's too - wardrobes. 
And these t-shirts are good quality which I know because I've worn mine loads of times and they haven't lost any shape or even dis-coloured after being washed, which is great because I've had so many that can only be worn the once.

Such a waste!

The Deadmode tees have now become my go-to item of clothing.
I think my friends are sick of seeing me in them now, but to be honest, I don't care... Remember look good, feel good and all that.

So you can get to know a little more about the brand, I put together a little Q&A with the owners, because I'm nice like that.

Q1 . What does Deadmode mean?

 A. Deadmode is a state of mind, it can mean something different to different people.

Q2. I see a lot of independent clothing labels when looking around on Twitter and Instagram, how do you manage to stand out?

 A. Indie labels are massively popular at the moment, we think it’s great & the way it should be.
Some of the designs that you see floating about on Twitter/Instagram etc. are amazing, sometimes it can be annoying because we’re like “WHY DIDN’T WE THINK OF THAT!?” haha.
Having said that, it is hard, you have to be constantly on it.

 We try to be as friendly as possible with our customers & anyone that shows interest in DM, we’re both just normal lads from normal backgrounds & we don’t see the point in over complicating things, we’ve started this label because we really, really, wanted to.

 Q3. Why did you start up Deadmode?

A. Deadmode started as an idea that Scoff had & for years it never materialised, until last year.

Scoff had been playing around with designs & came up with the name DEADMODE, he ran the name as well as the designs by me for a friendly opinion & I loved it.
He approached me because he knew my appreciation of indie labels & asked me to be involved, I couldn’t say no.

We combined our experience to create DeadMode.
Me on the side of social media, website admin & other boring business stuff.
Scoff on the side of design & creation. Every so often we’ll meet specifically to throw ideas at each other then decide if we both agree with what we’ve got. I, for one, am really proud with what we have got so far.

Q4. What is the future for Deadmode

A. The future for DeadMode is to keep doing what we’re best at, really – We’ve sponsored Sheffield speedway racer Danny Wright of Team WD40, as well as kitting out the whole team with some clobber, local DJ Jake Vertigo, American bands Non Con & Dog Eat Dog & we’ve recently sent some stuff to former WBO cruiserweight and Commonwealth light heavyweight champion the Enzo Maccarinelli (which we’re really excited about)

You can find us in Mooch Vintage, 76 Division Street, S1 4GF. The guys in there have been great to us during our first year!

It all sounds very exciting if you ask me, and I can not wait to the future projects.

I would just like to apologise for all of the photos of me, like I said I wear the t-shirt everywhere, meals out, fun activities with my little family and mainly just slobbing out at home.

I could have posted loads of pictures of my wife wearing them too because she always seems to put on my best clothes to sleep in, which I constantly tell her off for doing but she doesn't listen... She just says there just too comfy, so it's tough luck!

If you're looking for some cool indie themed apparel then you should definitely check out Deadmode, they have everything from beanies, snap-backs, hoodies, t-shirts and jumpers so plenty for everyone. 



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