19 January 2016

Does dressing well bring confidence?

Do you feel more confident when you know you have dressed to impress? 

I know I do and I find I feel a lot more comfortable in myself when I do too.

I'm not really a person who will stick to one trend or even one type of clothing style.

Most of the time I'll be in my work uniform (unfortunately) which includes steel toecap boots, work pants and a hoodie.

I seriously think that if any of the friends I have met through social media saw me for the first time whilst I was in work mode I don't think they would recognise me.

They are used to seeing pictures of me in suits or smart casual clothes - which are obviously the type of pictures I want to share with the world.

I wouldn't want them to see me dressed for work that's for sure - it's not a look I feel most confident in...not at all.

At home I don't really dress up smart - you will usually find me in shorts and t-shirts or in comfy joggers and a hoodie.

Home is where I feel most comfortable and my clothes reflect this.
I love slobbing out wearing them. 

And even when I go out to my local town center or pop out to visit family I like to wear my slobbing out clothes too.
I think because I'm at ease and comfortable I do feel confident wearing these type of outfits out and about in front of people, mainly because this is what the people I see are used to me wearing.

In 2015 I was invited to quite a lot of blogging events which included going to a few restaurants to review - places I thought that I had better dress up for.

At events like these I want others to see that I have made an effort with my appearance, to think that I look nice even.
I know that I 100% wouldn't feel confident or "at my best" if I didn't make an effort going to places like these.

And that's not me being vain but I look at my blog as a little bit of a brand now and I feel that I need to look the part (at times) to show that I represent it well, especially when I'm doing things which "show off" my blog.

Blogging events are a prime example and I always make sure I try to dress well when I attend thigs like this because I know it will help with my confidence levels, helping me get through the day without being scared or reluctant about chatting to other bloggers.

And I'm pleased I am able to find a way to feel this confidence because I have made some really cool friends over the past year.

When I look good, I feel good and this definitely brings out the more confident side of me, the side I want to show others.

Finding the perfect outfit however doesn't come easy to me.
I'm not the slimmest of guys and I struggle to find clothes which fit my body shape.

T-Shirts fit perfectly around my shoulders, arms and chest but cling to my tummy - this makes me feel really uncomfortable and reserved, which is not me at all.
I also struggle with trousers and have only recently started wearing jeans again after I managed to found the perfect pair.

Comfort is always key for me, so if I can find comfy clothes that look smart then I'm really happy.

Even the most stylish of men struggle finding the right clothes to wear - clothes which look good, feel good and bring out their confidence - even top celebs such as David Beckham can suffer with these so called "manxities"
(see link)

The picture of me below was taken at a fashion event where everybody was dressed amazing - there were a few celebs there too so I knew I needed to feel super confident.

In this dashing, slim fit suit i felt fantastic and I even got quite a few complements too, which was nice.

My confidence was at an all time high let me tell you - I was flitting about, chatting to people and I didn't feel out of place at all, and this isn't the norm for me at all.

My top tips for guys who have a "little extra" around the waist, tummy and legs like me are...

- try every item of clothing on before you buy it - all shops have different fits even though they are the same size

- don't be scared of trying the next size up - they could be a better fit and it's only you who knows what size the item is.

- if you are wanting a pair of skinny jeans but are scared you will be a bit constricted in them find a pair with a little give in them.
I have a pair and they almost feel slightly elastic - great for me and my rugby player legs.

And most of all - be as happy as you can and the confidence will follow.

(This post was apart of the Jacamo Manxiety Campaign)

I hope you have enjoyed it.


I was gifted for this post by Jacamo but all views and pictures are my own

17 January 2016

Picture perfect thanks to Panasonic

Did you all have a great Christmas?

Well I had a great one, it wasn't a mega busy one but I had a great time with my little family.
I had 10 days off of work over the festive period and spent most of it at home which is very strange for us as a family because we normally spend a lot of time driving around visiting different family members, but this year we had no car.

Which meant only one thing - movie time.
Don't get me wrong we do tend to sit down together and watch a lot of movies regularly, not just at Christmas, but with little baby Willow joining our family 12 weeks ago, we haven't had much free time to really sit and chill out. 

So let me tell you what films we watched

First up was Tin Tin.
I know it's not that new a film but it's been on our "must watch" list for a while, and what an amazing movie it was. 

Next up we had Pixels, which is quite a new movie and it was brilliant, even my baby daughter sat through it with out making much of a noise.

And then last but by no means least we had Ant Man! which was another fantastic, all sit together family movie.

What films did you watch over the festive period?
Have you watched any of the ones mentioned above?
If so what did you think of them?

I normally watch movies on my Xbox but this time I didn't have to because just before Christmas I was lucky enough to be sent a fabulous, brand new shiny Panasonic DMR--PWT550EB

Let me tell you a little bit about it...

Well we all know who Panasonic are so I don't need to say much about them, but let me jump straight in tell you about the blu-ray player itself.

Not only is it a blu-ray DVD player it also has freeview channels built into it and (a very helpful feature) it allows you to record your favourite programs if they are on whist you are out.

Great stuff.

The built in freeview player is perfect because it gives you a whole host of different channels for free and a lot of them usually have to be paid for with subscriptions to Sky or Virgin.

Free is always better!

The DVD player has a really sleek design and it fits in perfectly next to my XBox One.
It has a flip down front which hides all the little buttons and the disc slot, keeping it neat and tidy but also keeping them away from tiny prying baby fingers (I've got to keep these things in mind now haven't I!).

I must admit this really is a nice piece of equipment.

It was really easy to set up too - I didn't even have to read the instructions!!

In actual fact there are a boat load of features inbuilt into this and if I didn't already have a lot of them via my smart TV then they would have been really fun playing with.

If you don't have a smart TV then this would be perfect for you - there is so much to it.

It allows you to use the internet through it, there are options to download and use different apps (such as YouTube) with it - it does so much more than "just" play movies.

Blu-Ray is the way forward if you ask me and this totally blows any standard DVD player out of the water in all departments.
This Panasonic model is probably up there with the best of them too. 

The picture and sound quality it brings are perfect and I couldn't ask for anything better.

It is a perfect piece of technology and I think every film fanatic home should own one.


I was sent the product to review, all opinions and pictures are my own
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